Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Thanks to prayers of so many people everything went through and we closed on the house in time to move on Saturday. I can't even imagine what a nightmare it would have been if we would have had to move during the week this week. (the people who are renting our Gresham house from us are moving in this Saturday, so we had to be out one way or the other!)Everything went great, and if your not in Milton-Freewater and so you can't have my dad as your relator, then you should call Vicki, she was amazing!

Anyway- our moving day was an adventure. The way I make myself feel better about it is that the last time we moved (almost 11 years ago) we had 150% less people in our family. The kids may be little, but they sure have lots of stuff. Anyway- the good thing is we had lots of GREAT people who were willing to give up the beautiful Saturday to help us. And speaking of that, we couldn't have had better weather for moving- even in February! So thanks so much to my mom and dad, Arlene, Cyndi and Eric, Greg M., Randy K and Scott, Heather and Brent, and Kurt M. You are all so wonderful. We can't thank you enough.

I just unpacked the last box in the house today. So while there is nothing on the walls yet we can at least live without chaos around us. (I won't mention how the garage looks like a bomb went off in it...)

The amazing blessing is that the kids have transitioned SO well. The weather has been so good that it has made the outside play area so fun. Today was Ainsley's third day of school and she has done great. She had me stay with her for about the first 40 minutes the first day, and then has been off and on her own. She loves her teacher, Mr. Coburn. She has always loved men, so this was a good fit. She came home the first day saying, "I had friends pretty much from the moment I walked in." and "I think Mr. Coburn looks really nice and handsome." Her class has a music program tomorrow- her fourth day of school- and she wants to be in it. I asked her if she knew the songs and her response was, "not really, but it's not that big of a deal mom, I can figure it out." So with two days of music under her belt we will be attending the music program. Funny kid. I am still just shocked at how easy this was.

Anyway- soon I will try and post pictures of the new house. Thanks again to everyone who helped!

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Ally said...

Oh my, I just love Ainsley's self-confidence. "Don't worry mom, I can figure it out." What a great outlook and attitude!

Glad that you've had a chance to unpack. And that you had such a good crew helping you move.