Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I can't even imagine the technology that my kids will watch change in their life. Ainsley and Hudson just got their own computers if you can believe it. My dad got them laptops through One Laptop Per Child. This is an organization that has developed a low-cost laptop with the purpose of getting one laptop to every school-age child in developing countries. The program they did last year was great. What you did to get one for yourself is purchase on to give away to a child in a third world country, then you got one. So he got one for Ains, Hudson, and Zech, and consequently sent three of these computers to three kids somewhere in an underdeveloped nation.

The computers they send out have alternative power sources, solar or a hand crank (the ones they send to us are traditional plug in re-chargeable batteries.) The computers are very sturdy and don't have a fan in them that can suck in dirt and be ruined like regular laptops do.

The computers didn't come with any instructions other than some pictures showing you not to drop it in water, sit on it, or give it to a baby. So the kids took them out of the box and started playing. It was so funny because I was online on our computer looking up the instructions to figure it out while they were over going crazy saying, "look at this" and "watch what I just found," "show me how you got to that" and "wow, this is so cool!" They had figured out so much, so I just gave up on the instructions and let them figure it out on their own.

The computers will do the Internet, although we haven't given them the pass code to our wireless network yet. We are still figuring out how exactly we will be handling that. We figure at the ages of 7 and 4 we can't give them privileges that we will then have to take away when they are 14 and 11. So we have already said we only use the computer when there are other people with us in the room. We are working on what other parameters we need. The computers come with a built in video camera and microphone. Hudson's favorite part so far is a program that when you talk, or in his case yell as loud as you can, at the computer it shows a line indicating the sound waves you are making. Thanks dad! The kids love them!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby behaving badly

At church yesterday, as Camden was running around, Andrea said to me, "You didn't get your calm, compliant one did you?"

You see, about a year ago we dedicated Camden and our pastor has us write a letter to read to the baby during the dedication. In my letter I said this:

"Some experts say that each child takes a role in a family that is not yet filled. That way they are ensuring that they will be successful in their family. Well Camden, the role of calm, quite, compliant child is open and available in our family."

He is a sweet, snugly, funny, little guy that we love dearly. But as these pictures attest, Camden has let the calm, quite role remain unfilled in our family.

"If you won't get me the yogurt, then I will get UP ON THE COUNTER BY MYSELF to get it.'
"I was thinking that you wanted all the q-tips, band-aids, and toothbrushes unloaded out of the bathroom drawer. Over and over every day...'
"While no one was looking, I helped myself to the popcorn, and what I didn't want I just threw all over the floor."
"Is eating dirt a problem for someone? By the way, I spilled a little over here on the floor."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

1/3 of the way in and this is still happening...

Wait... did I stay in Minnesota? No. Then why have I not worn capri pants yet? My short sleeve shirts...untouched. Ainsley has a closet full of her favorite things, sundresses, that have not yet seen the light of day. So here we are, April 19th, almost exactly one month into spring, that means 1/3 of it is GONE and this starts happening...while my devoted (to me AND his lawn) husband continues mowing:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watching her language

Tonight we were talking about going to see the movie Expelled Ainsley asked what it was about and why she couldn't go. I very briefly told her that it was a movie that talked about the people who don't want to believe in God, so they believe that first water changed into something that lives, and that changed into something that could crawl out of the water, that eventually turned into a monkey, which eventually turned into people. She said, "I want to say why are some people so stupid these days, but I'm not supposed to use the word stupid."

I loved the "these days" part as much as the double use of the word stupid. I'm just curious what other days she is thinking about.

Monday, April 14, 2008

That would probably make for a good story too.

I've noticed that the second child gets exposed to things earlier than the first. Sometimes that is not so good, I'm afraid Hudson was exposed to candy, fast food, and TV way before Ainsley ever was. Then again there are good things that they are exposed to early. Ainsley has been OBSESSED with Adventures in Odyssey ever since the Strandbergs passed down a few sets of tapes 4 years ago. We listen almost daily to the episode they post on the internet and we now own an extensive collection that we know by heart. Consequently Hudson has listened to them way before he could understand the stories. Now he loves them and can follow them.

He also gets bedtime stories that are way above his developmental level. Right now we are going through The Chronicles of Narnia. What Hudson lacks sometimes with his 4-year-old articulation he does make up for with a good vocabulary, but it still doesn't quite get him to a C.S. Lewis level as was confirmed tonight. Andrew was outside when I was getting ready to put the kids to bed. Hudson opened the backdoor and yelled, "Come in Daddy! It is time for The Lion, The Witch, and The Rowboat.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seven... already?


Tonight I tucked in a seven year old. When did you get this old and this big? Where has my little girl gone?

Seven years ago tonight you were this tiny little bundle and grandma Seaquist was trying to get a teeny little bow to stick in your hair. Tonight you came home from another child's birthday party (By the way, nice work getting invited to a party after only being in school with these kids for 4 weeks. You continue to amaze us at how well you have made the transition to a new school.) you took a shower all by yourself, combed out your own hair, and got all ready for bed. Then you plopped down, so excited to open up your new Barbies and watch the movie you have been dying to watch, High School Musical.

How things have changed in seven years. One thing that hasn't changed is that you have never played with toys much, although you think you need them. As a little kid all you did was get toys out and carry them around. For the past three birthday's you have asked for Barbies, we get them for you, and you don't play with them after the 15th. You like books, art supplies, and now that I think about it Legos. That is what we probably should have gotten you. This might be the year you start to play with dolls, or maybe next year either will learn to ask for something you will actually play with, or we will learn and not get more Barbies that are destined to be abandoned.

Your daddy totally freaked me out today by mentioning that we have had you for seven years, and seven years from now you will be getting ready to be a freshman in high school. With as fast as these years have gone that feels like it could be next week.

We have lots to do in the next seven years. But the last seven sure have been fun. Getting to know the little person that God created has been so wonderful. You are so kind, compassionate, silly, loving, and sometimes pretty stubborn. Of the past seven years we have spent five and a half dealing with clothes, food, and your hair. Happily these have gotten easier over time. This gives me hope that your teenage years won't be spent fighting these same battles. I can dream.

This past year has been so special. You and Hudson play and play together.I couldn't ask for a better brother/sister relationship for you. It kills him that you go to school all day. You are the center of his world. You are also wonderful with Camden. You make him laugh and love to play with him. You are also a little mommy to him. You watch out for him and help so much. You are really great with younger children.

Changing from kindergarten to first grade this year has been so fun for you. Going to school all day wasn't a problem for you at all, although Hudson and I miss you terribly during the day. We have been blessed by not one, but two amazing first grade teachers, Mrs. Taylor at Kelly Creek, then Mr. Coburn at Deep Creek. Moving to a new house and new school went really well for you. Occasionally you mention something about our old house and old school, but you have made the change so well.

Last night to celebrate your birthday Lauren spent the night. Lauren, you and Hudson played in dirt so long last night that I almost had to get a brillo pad to clean you with. Then at church today during the singing, you and Lauren danced together. It was so cute, the dirt and the dancing showing me the little girl that you still are. Then as we were driving home the two of you were playing with the toy makeup showing the big girl your so wanting to become.

One part of me wants you to just stay little forever because I have loved this little kid stage of life. But it is so wonderful getting to know you as you grow up. Watching God work in your life and create you into a person that reflects his Glory is more of a blessing that I could have never imagined seven years ago.

You asked Jesus into your heart when you were four, and I know that God will continue His good work in you. I pray that God will instill in you a soul that craves God and clings passionately to Him.

Ainsley, you are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:10) and I am so blessed to be your mom. Happy 7th birthday. I love you.

Painting with Lauren for your birthdy:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The hope is gone...

I love the Deep Blue Something song Breakfast At Tiffany's. Not just because it has my name in it, but I actually like the song. And of course I like the movie as well. In fact, here is my laundry room:

Can you see through the flash glare that it is a B @ Tiffany's poster? We have moved beyond the stage of life where you hang up movie posters, so this has its home in the laundry room. But it is one of the cuter rooms in my house, mainly because of that little Roomba you see charging down on the floor in the picture, but my love affair with the Roomba probably should be a whole blog post by itself.

Anyway, I like the movie, but I like the song better. I've tried for years to figure out how to get it as my ringtone, if anyone can help me out with that I would owe you big.

I am going somewhere with this, hang on with me.

So with as much as I like the song, adding the best now non-presidential candidate to it made it amazing. This youtube video is hilarious, even if it is now completely dated because republicans screwed up royally and didn't even nominate an actual republican for this election. Good work. Anyway- this video is totally worth watching, and if you click on "more info" on the right side next to the December date it was posted it will put the lyrics up. And before you think I'm crazy and this is such old news, this video was the #7 video on youtube today. So there are lots of other people still mourning the Republican primary result with me. So here is the link:

And in case you just don't have the 3 minutes to watch it (which if you are taking the time to read my blog... honestly, you have the 3 minutes!) here are the words to the chorus:

You said you've got nothing in common
With the candidates to choose from
And you're losing heart
You'll say the Big Three don't do it for you
Their negative ads bore you
And you just might stay home.

So I said, "What about voting for Huckabee?"
She said, "I think I remember that man,
And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked him."
And I said, "Well, he's the best hope we've got."

And now, sadly that hope is gone.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

who needs a salary, 401K, or health insurance?

We were driving by a gas station/mini mart. Ainsley pipes up from the back, "Hey, they have a sign that says 'help wanted' there."

I said, "you want to work there?"

Her response, "maybe when I'm older, because I think they might give me free gum."

Cool video

Nathan did a video of their New York trip. My favorite part is when they have breakfast at Tiffany's. Nathan has amazing editing skills. Here is the link if you have 10 minutes and want to pretend you went to New York last weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A T&N Sighting!

***Read the two posts below this one for the background info***
We should have seen them on David Letterman last night, but when they did the audience pan, they put a John McCain promo for the next night over them! Like I needed another reason to not be happy with John McCain (honestly, I think I'm going to write in Mike Huckabee on my ballot).

We did get to see them three times on the Today Show this morning. They didn't know until they were walking toward Rockefeller Center this morning and heard the rehearsal music that REM was in concert there this morning, a fun surprise. So here is the picture I took of Tennille and Nathan on my TV this morning. You can click on it to make it bigger.

The other two times we saw them we actually only saw Tennille as she was jumping up over other people. So there you go... a Seaquist girl's 2 seconds of fame! :)