Friday, October 31, 2008

So Lame

So evidently we've been too busy (or lazy) doing things to actually post anything about what we've been doing. But this afternoon I have to dump all the pictures off my camera so I have room for Halloween pictures. Consequently I might actually post some of the fun things we have done... soccer, apple orchard, pumpkin patch (2 times as a family) plus another pumpkin patch field trip, and I don't even know what else is lurking on there.

Two things to hold you over until (or if) I post the above (plus tonight's Halloween stuff):

1. A story- I'm always talking about my silly kids. Today it is a story about me. Ainsley came in our room last night at 3:20 unhappily almost yelling, "It is 3 stinkin' 20 and the baby is screaming, can't you do something about that?" (who taught her to put the word "stinkin' " in the middle of sentences anyway??? Thank goodness we send her to public school so we can blame them for that sort of thing :) ) As I was stumbling into his room this is the thought process that was going on in my head, "three twenty. What time does that mean it is? If it is 3:20 what time is it? (as if I was in some other time zone and trying to calculate the "real" time.) 3:20. (Now holding the baby) walk back out to the family room and stare at the clock. Three twenty, so it that too early to get up and just be up, or do I need to try and get him to go back to bed? Oh my gosh.(the fog is starting to clear).. it is only 3:20! Camden, it is only three stinking twenty, you have to go back to sleep!"

2. And a Halloween/political cartoon. Sorry to my democratic friends/relatives. I get to post this today, but don't worry, sadly you are going to get to gloat big time on Tuesday. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Object of Worship

I couldn't help but giggle tonight as I was putting Camden to bed. He goes EVERYWHERE with a ball.He goes to bed EVERY night with a ball. ALL he plays with are balls. If he doesn't have a ball, he will throw something else. Whenever he sees anything that is a circle he says it is a ball. He is even fascinated by the little tiny ball that is on the side of his carseat, you know the one that has to be in the green part not the red part to show the seat is in properly? It drives him crazy that he can't get that ball.
So as he is laying down and I am rubbing his back and singing to him (a new routine...Heather I'm not just dropping and running out the door anymore!) I was singing Jesus Loves Me and Camden started to join in. But he didn't know any words, he just sang ball, ball, ball, ball, over and over for the whole song with me. Right now he is definitely breaking "Thou shall have no other gods before you." Balls are holy to Camden.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Turns out he's a Locavore

Hudson: Mom, I know how they get milk in the grocery store!

Me: You do?

Hudson: Yeah, they have cows in the back and so they just milk them and then put it right in the jugs for us to buy.

Me: Uhhhh... no, the cows are on the farm, remember when we saw (smelled) them near the cheese factory in Tillamook?

Hudson: Yeah.

Me: So they have the cows there, they milk them and then send it in trucks to the stores.

Hudson: Oh, that is too bad. It would be easier if they were just in the back of the store.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My children keep finding ways to make me hyperventelate

Ainsley walked in the door from school about an hour ago and announced, "I learned the way to make babies!"

Me- speechless.

She continued, "Mr. Coburn didn't teach us though, Marissa did."

Me- Wh..What?

"See mom," (holding up her sweatshirt folded tightly into a little ball) "If you tuck the hood in and fold the arms over then roll it up you can turn it into a little baby." (which she then cuddles)

Thanks so much for that, I had SIX little boys at my house for a few hours today(my own 2 plus four more-no other parents though) so I just didn't have anything to really get my heart pumping yet.