Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm praying for his future wife.

As I was helping Hudson clean his room tonight:

Hudson: Does everyone HAVE to get married?

Mom: No.

Hudson: Good. I'm not.

Me: Why not?

Hudson: 'Cause then I can live all by myself and nobody will make me clean up.

Me: So you want to just live in a mess?

Hudson: Yep. I'll never put my toys away.

Me: Okay, but you have to get married to have kids.

Hudson: Oh. Well I want to have just one kid.

Me: Why just one?

Hudson: Because then I just will have one to tell what to do. And my wife can just clean up the toys.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maybe we should read Jacob and Esau.

I came home from Bible Study last night and Andrew told me he had witnessed the funniest conversation between Ainsley and Hudson he had ever heard. This is how it went:

Hudson: I'll pay you $20.

Ainsley: What for?

Hudson: If you let me tell you what to do.

Ainsley: For how long?

Hudson: Ummm.... a year.

Ainsley: No way.

Hudson: How about a month.

Ainsley: No.

Hudson: A week?

Ainsley: No.

Hudson: A day?

Ainsley: No.

Hudson: Five minutes?

Ainsley: Okay.

Andrew: NO! Your not paying your sister to tell her what to do.

Ainsley and Hudson: AAAwwwww!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ainsley and Hudson really are good friends. I've been anxiously awaiting the transition when Camden plays well enough that he and Hudson will move on to the friend stage, when they can play and entertain each other. I think we are getting there. Hudson now wants to take Camden with him to the playground and "be in charge of him." How cute is this: