Friday, January 21, 2011

A little comparison.

Remember back when Reagan was 3 months old and I said she didn't look like the other kids? Want to see who she does look like?

Here is Reagan at 14 months.

Here is me (Tiffany) at 13 months.

***Please overlook the fact that my mother had far more time with me, her first child, than I do with Reagan, my fourth, to do things like; fix my hair, get professional pictures taken, and put shoes and socks on me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Braces Off!

One set of braces down!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A tale of two trips to the store.

Camden is never boring. Here are two quick adventures to the store.

First was Tuesday night. I was tutoring. Andrew is a rock star and took all 4 kids by himself to the mall. What could possibly make him want to do something that crazy? His hope that the Duck Store would have stuff on sale after the game on Monday night. That, and he would rather be out of the house with them when I tutor rather than trying to keep them quiet in the house. When I take all four kids somewhere people ask me if they are all mine, and if I know how babies are made. When he takes them somewhere he is treated like a rockstar. People tell him how great he is and give him stuff. Amazing. Anyway, back to the Camden part. He was looking at a little duck light and walked up to the clerk (a young college girl) and said, "Excuse me nice, young lady. Could you please tell me how much this costs?" Not sure how you would make that sentence more polite or complete. The "nice young lady" part kills me.

Compare that to yesterday at Winco. Winco. What a place. Do they have a cart that the baby holding straps aren't broken? I can never find one. Consequently I'm always trying to keep Camden with me, while keeping Reagan from standing up in the cart and falling because the darn straps don't keep her in the little seat part. This while shopping, then bagging my own groceries. While bagging groceries Camden found a way to entertain himself. That turned out to be putting two packages of Lifesavers in his pockets, without paying for them. The part I can't believe is that he got all the way to the car, we drove all the way to Barlow to see Andrew, drove all the way home, and unloaded all the groceries before he took them out of his pocket! He then shows them to me and says, "Hey, look at this! I can eat these!" How did Mr. Impulsive pull off that sort of patience? So we promptly loaded back up in the car (which Reagan was so happy to do considering we had gone to Target before Winco- 2 hours in the car or carts at this point) to go back to Winco so Camden could return his stolen goods. We practiced what he would say in the car to the person when he returned them. He did a good job of saying what he did, apologizing and asking for forgiveness. I keep reminding myself that I'm so happy he got to learn this lesson at 4 rather than at 14!