Friday, October 14, 2011

Facebook and my blog had a fight...

It is accurate to say that Facebook sort of ate my blog. Facebook is faster, a bit more interactive, and if forces me to be more concise. However, one of the main reasons I write my blog is so our kids will have a little glimpse back into our lives. I have had the blog printed into a book. Facebook you can't do that with. I am probably being super 20th century because of the need to have it printed into an actual paper book... but whatever. Just in case my kids do in fact read the paper book, I actually spent two hours going through my facebook account from my post a couple days ago all the way to when I joined FB in 2008. It was actually pretty fun. I copied the postings that I though would be good to remember. Here they are, going in backwards chronological order. Fun little snapshots into our lives.

Facebook October 2011- 2008

Hudson, "It sure is easy that jeans match everything, huh mom? It makes it less confusing."

If every time the over timer dings your almost 2 year old yells, "Cookies!" you might need to change your cooking just a little. Maybe.

I just took Reagan and Camden with me to a u-pick tomato farm. They spent the whole time holding hands walking up and down the rows amassing a collection of caterpillars. It was so cute it made my day.

Camden spilled on his shirt, Hudson says, "Hey, that used to be mine. Don't ruin it. It has been around for generations." (Laura Holleman Terveen I think "generations" was a vocab word at school right?)

Camden, "I'm going to be a Chinese spy when I grow up. And a missionary too."

Reagan was just *ever* so helpful and removed almost every single item from the finished dryer and put it back in the washer.

Wise words from Hudson this morning, "I liked it better before Reagan learned to yell the word no." (we made it to almost 2 before she said "no" and now in the last 4 days she has made up for it.)

Reagan doesn't have many words, however "COOKIE!!!" is clear (and loud) as a bell.

Camden to me, "I love you more than all the dancing magic trees in the whole universe." Thanks sweetheart.

Hudson, "So I'm going to get straight A's so then I can have any job. What is the worst grades you can get?" Me, "I guess straight F's." Hudson, "Then your only choice for a job would be an artist." (apology to any friends I have that are artists :) )

Reagan's new plan is to open the door and let the dog in the house. Not acceptable in our house. The delight of letting the dog in seems to override any discipline. Good times.

My girl is home! She loved camp seems about 5 years older. It is good to be a complete family again.

You know the way you feel when you see an ultrasound of your baby for the first time? The relief that it is there and is fine? That is how I felt this morning when I saw this picture- my baby is there and looks like she is doing fine. (not that she has sent me a letter to tell me that!)

Ainsley and Emma waiting to be assigned to a cabin- they look (and were) stressed. Hoping that it is all good now. Not that I will know for 6 more days! Kid better write.

Just dropped off my firstborn at Trout Creek Bible Camp... I'm sure she will be fine-but wow Saturday seems like a long ways away!

Camden's prayer at bedtime: Dear Jesus, help Reagan to grow up. Amen.

If your trying to stop smoking, hang out with Camden. He has announced loudly twice now in front of a stranger lighting up, "Hey, that guy is "cigaretting" and so he is going to die!"

Ainsley at bedtime last night, "Mom, you really need to get Reagan back on a sleeping schedule. She has been really crabby since we have been in Milton-Freewater." Kid will make a good mom.

Reagan is on a hunger strike. The only thing she wants to eat is corn and black bean salsa. Three bowls of it (no chips- just eating it with a spoon/her hands) before 9am. The breakfast of champions.

Hudson says to me, "You know what I learned from camping?" What? "It is not a good idea to collect sticks, then put them in the fire, then let them touch your skin." You had to go camping to learn that?

Today is my amazing dad's 70th birthday! We are surprising him by meeting him in Hood River for dinner tonight. If you live in M-F stop by C21 and wish him Happy Birthday.

Last weekend we showed up to the church retreat with a child with a black eye, (he actually ran into a wall) this week we are showing up to church with one that went to urgent care today for a cut above her eye (toddler meets fireplace hearth). And to think summer hasn't really started yet.

About to head out for the 4th grade "over-nighter." I will not be sleeping on the gym floor. I will be going home as soon as the kids settle down and are asleep. Hoping I'm home by 1.

Camden: "When you guys laid me was I cute?" Me: "What?" C: "Like when you laid me out, was I cute?" Me: "Like when I lay you down on the floor?" C: "No, like when you laid me out like when I was an egg." He is missing a little information.

We have gone from all winter Reagan's goal was to take her shoes off to use as a chew toy. Now she has discovered that shoes equal getting to go outside, and are consequently wonderful. She wants them on ALL.THE.TIME. She napped today with them on because that is what worked.

Just got a text from Andrew who is on a field trip with Hudson's class. Sounds like wandering through the forest with a bunch of first grade boys in the cold and rain is super fun *insert sarcastic tone*. Pretty happy he decided to pick up this field trip rather than me!

Learning the difference between showering to get wet and showering to get clean was the lesson today in the Pate household.

I take back what I said before about not liking the caterpillars that were soon to be butterflies. The caterpillars and their cocoons were gross, but the excitement the kids have over getting to watch them open up into butterflies makes it worth having bugs in your house.

‎"Hudson, change your shirt- you can't wear an orange shirt with red shorts." "Yes I can mom, I look cool like fire!"

There are some parts of parenting I'm just not cut out for. Case in point: we got a butterfly kit for Easter. I was okay with the little caterpillars in the cup at first, but now that they have grown bigger and their "waste" has accumulated in the cup I'm gagging every time I look in their direction.

The lesson Reagan learned today: Mommy is right, even though the orange peel looks better than the inside part, it really isn't as good. Only took three times.

I put on my sunglasses and Reagan looked at me and started freaking out. That is the definition of, "It has been raining too long."

Ainsley and a couple friends are out in our front yard trying to do a lemonade stand (finally a sunny day!) . She just came in and said, "We are going to do a buy one get one free, we have to do something to drum up some sales before we just drink it all ourselves." Drinking it all yourselves is a profit killer.

Andrew to Reagan as she falls (again): "gravity is your enemy." Glad I was clear he was saying it to her, not me :)

Andrew just sent me a comic strip that says: "Give me the best sunscreen you've got." (persons hands over a piece of paper) "What is this?" "Directions to Portland."

Over half way through the Hubble IMAX movie Camden whispers to me, "Mom, is this real?"

Our sweet 19 year old neighbor girl told us that last week she called the police because our house was all dark and there was a flashlight going all around. She went outside to look closer while on the phone with the police and saw we one of us in the window so the police didn't come. Good thing- we were playing sardines with the kids and everyone had a flashlight. Need to remember to close the blinds next time!

Cousins ETA: any minute. Excitement level in our house: off the charts.

As Camden is putting on shoes and socks, "Mom, I can't wait until it is summer and I can wear naked feet with sandals."

Ainsley this morning, "Wow! It is Friday already? People are right, when you get older time does start to just fly by!"

Snowy-rain, windy, cold... must be the first day of tennis season. Want to re-think which sport you coach Andrew Pate? Or re-think coaching altogether?

After the 3rd trip to the bathroom (swimming at Great Wolf Lodge) in an hour Andrew tells C he has to quit drinking the water. "I can't, it keeps pouring in my mouth!"

Off to Great Wolf Lodge after church today. Fastest my kids have ever gotten ready for church. :)

Hudson about going to a girls birthday party, "I want to go, but I'm not watching her open presents 'cause I don't want to see all the girly stuff."

‎"Mommy since it is snowing we should get presents!"

My prayer this morning was, "Please Lord let him learn to use his gifts for good not evil." And also, "Please answer this prayer quick."

Must take a picture of Reagan playing peek-a-boo by covering her ears. Brings new meaning to cute.

I always pray that my kids would get caught when they do things wrong. I think I'm going to pray that for this week they just wouldn't do things wrong...I need a break.

Beginning to re-think not putting baby latches on the cabinets because "it is our last baby and why go to the trouble for just one" plan. Do you know how much trouble "just one" can get into?

The word "Hey" spelled out in fish sticks on my front porch this morning tells me it is time for Christmas break to be over because the High School kids are getting bored.

Just completed another level in the game of parenting boys. I decorated a birthday cake camouflage. The addition of army men and weapons will make for a happy little 7 year old.

Impromptu vocab lesson in our house this morning was courtesy of a Christmas carol: "offspring of a virgins womb."

Making a bowling ball and pin birthday cake with Hudson... he tries to convince me to let him put army guys all over it. Perhaps we should have gone with lazer tag rather than a bowling party? (his stocking goodie bags do have army guys in them, so we aren't going to be unarmed at the party.)

Dear feaverish, fussy, high-maintance baby: Please bring Reagan back.

Camden this morning, "Mom, how many days until my next birthday?" Me, "364" him, "Oh no."

Camden says in the middle of a discipline chat, "but mom, some days I just forget that your in charge of me."

If a child runs in, while you are showering and yells, "THERE IS A SNAKE IN OUR HOUSE!" you might initially panic. However, if they continue with, "it is pink and I think it is changing into a dragon," you will probably relax and go back to enjoying the shower.

Got Reagan's first birthday letter written and posted with 34 minutes left of her birthday. It was a great day and great birthday for her. Except for the little thing of one of her siblings throwing up at the table during her birthday dinner. This is the family your in little one!

Last year at this time I was on my way to the hospital to meet Reagan Joy. Astonished it has been a year already. What a love she is!

My plans this evening? Snuggling on the couch watching election returns. It is an exciting life when you are married to a Political Studies teacher.

Camden, "How much longer until the next Halloween?" I had to be the bearer of bad news.

I think my kids brought home approximately their weight in candy. I might leave the front door unlocked tonight in hopes a candy burglar is out in the neighborhood. If that doesn't happen, my plan is two pieces a day until Wednesday or Thursday. Then after a big, really healthy dinner, the message will be: eat everything else you want because after that it is going to Daddy's school kids.

How cold does it have to be before my boys will decide that the uncomfortableness of pants is better than the coldness of shorts?

It is possible I have a vampire baby. Hug her and she snuggles her head down in your neck, then bites.

Multitasking=monitoring one child's time out at your feet, helping one child fold a cootie catcher, quizzing another on spelling words, all while nursing a another child.

‎"Camden, where are your clothes?" "I was putting on my watch." Mutually exclusive because...???

‎2 1/2 hours in Urgent Care to end up with the glue stuff instead of stitches. Don't get me wrong- happy A didn't have to have stitches, but can I just buy that glue? I know I could do what the doctor just did, and I wouldn't glue my glove to the child's forehead...

‎"Don't tell the baby to 'fetch.'" "But mom, it is her favorite thing to do!" Sadly that is true.

Camden trying to teach Reagan to sing the alphabet just made my top ten cutest things ever list.

Not what I expected. Currently C. is out riding his bike. He has been up since 2 am seriously bouncing off the walls. Evidently Tylenol with Codine takes my very active 3 year year old and turns him into an indescribable ball of energy.

Home! Little boy is doing great. As we were giving him little sips of water he asked for french fries. So... he has now had cookies and french fries. Go figure. They said (and we have experienced before) that day 4 and 5 are often the worst- so I'm going to enjoy the drug induced okay-ness of today. Thanks for praying for him!

Big C is out of surgery and with us- surgery went great- tons. and adn. were enormous. Now the fun begins...

They just took back Camden for surgery (tonsils) he was actually really excited. A ride on a rolling bed was very exciting. Please pray for our little guy!

Tonsillectomy tomorrow morning- Can we go through this again? Pray that it goes more like it went for the girl than it went for the boy last time!!!

Reagan learning to crawl solves two problems for me. I no longer have to take the time to feed her in her high-chair because I don't sweep anymore either. (just kidding-mostly)

‎"Camden why are your hands so dirty?" "Because I've been doing dirty things." Al-righty then.

It is possible I over did it with all the choking hazard lectures. Now if Reagan picks up a little piece of lint off the floor and Camden notices he starts shrieking, "SHE'S GOING TO DIE!!!"

Sometimes you just need another adult around to laugh with you. The boys were building competing docks this morning with legos, I overheard Hudson say to Camden: "Camden, size does totally matter!"

Hudson has entered a new phase. Wounds are no longer something to be upset over, now they are badges of honor earned in hard play.

Nothing jolts you out of bed faster than the sound of the child who crawled in bed with you a few minutes before throwing up. I should know, this is the second day in a row that it has happened to me. Different child each day. I should be really fast by #4.

There are the beginnings of two cute little teeth in the baby's mouth! She should look like a perfect little jack-o-lantern by Halloween. Wow do I love that little pumpkin.

At bedtime Camden just prayed for Reagan and said, "and I just bless (that means please in his little prayer language) that Reagan won't get hit by lightsabers anymore." ANYMORE??? Okay, what did I miss?

Today's best vacation comment by Ainsley, "I just love mini-marts. They have such an interesting variety of amazing products."

You know the next day is going to be busy when the night before you write your to-do list and it simply says, "clean everywhere, pack everyone, buy everything."

‎"Stop trying to teach your sister how to crawl!"

Camden appeared from his nap. "Camden, where are your pants?" Camden, "I don't know, but I didn't eat them."

Listening to Camden explain to his swimming teacher the "right" way to blow bubbles is priceless. Poor teenage girl is thinking they are not paying her enough for this.

Just discovered my kids outside "practicing" for field day tomorrow, with eggs and barbells. What sort of games do they think Mr. Lustig is planning?

Camden (after 90 minutes in his room to pick up one bucket of toys that should have taken 1 minute) "I'm all done!" Me: "great." Camden: "but just don't go check it." Yeah, right.

Reagan is already a multi-tasker. She scratch/pinches my back with one hand, tries (and often does) pull my hair with the other, flails her legs around trying to kick something, darts her eyes all around trying to see what is going on 360 degrees around her, all while nursing. Yep, she is another Pate child.

Watching the septic tank get pumped is major excitement for 3 and 6 year old boys.

I just put my daughter on a bus with her dad and 14 high school boys for a tennis tournament- 3 days, 2 nights. A good thing or should I have my head examined?

A & H are outside with tape and saran wrap trying to create a fake accident that they want to film for America's Funniest Home Videos. Nothing good can come of this.

I just helped Camden fill out his bracket. He believes the winning score will be, "winners 100, loser crying numbers." (there wasn't a spot for that in the ESPN bracket.) All three big kids took Duke to win, they love their daddy. (so did I :) )

Love when I'm doing something else and then look over to see the baby looking right into my eyes smiling, then when I make eye contact she squeals happily because I noticed her. If only making everyone happy was that easy.

Baby finds foot. Mommy finds 10 minutes of quiet.

‎10 acres of greenspace and a playground behind our house and my kids are playing football in the front yard because, "there's nobody in the greenway right now and somebody we know might drive by on the street." Honestly, my kids would probably love living in an apartment complex because of the social opportunities.

We have a houseful of new toys from Christmas and from two boys birthdays and what have Hudson and the friend he has over been doing for the past 40 minutes... happily wrestling and punching each other.

Camden's newest pick-up line, used liberally on women at church, his siblings friends, and random people in stores, "what's your species?" Perhaps we need to stop watching Dinosaur Train.

So amazing when you are feeding an infant and she looks up at you and makes eye contact, stops eating, and slowly a smile emerges. What a blessing to get to love babies. It also makes me happy when they start doing this because you know there is something going on in their little head after 4 weeks of sleeping and cross-eyed looks.

motherhood is not for wimps.

We're officially outnumbered 2 to 1 and the house is still standing, so all is well.

is falling madly in love with a little 8 lb bundle of delicious newborness. Thanks for all the well wishes and comments yesterday everyone. I'm going to print them and put them in her baby book.

Here she is! Woo Hoo!

Getting ready to push, and still debating three boy names. Nothing like waiting until the last minute...

At the hospital: check. Epidural: Check. Now it is nap time!

enjoyed our kids soccer season, and enjoyed the thunder that ended the game we were sitting through in the POURING rain! Also pretty happy I get to meet #4 in about 48 hours!

forgot to avoid a power struggle. He has to know I'm going to win, but he would have to give up his almost 3 year-old status if he doesn't give it a shot.

Just said to a friend, "a week from now I won't look or feel like this." She said, "no, a week from now you'll look and feel even worse." Thanks- but it has to get worse to get better!

I love my daughter- she is currently sorting all her candy by type, has weighed it (4 pounds worth), and counted- 80 pieces. Hudson is wondering if his "atomic fireballs" will blow up if he puts fire on them or throws them on the ground really hard. Is it any surprise my kids are mixing up Halloween and 4th of July?

I'm helping in Hudson's class today and will be there when school lets out. I explained to him that I would take him home because I would already be there, suddenly he was on the verge of tears because HE WANTS TO RIDE THE BUS! No problem bud, ride the bus home! So cute!

overheard in the car on the way to the library: Hudson, "Ainsley can you tell me how you puked that one time when mom made you eat more salad, because I want to do that tonight with the stew."

it makes my day when Camden runs up, lays on the floor in front of me and says, "if you tickle me, I will laugh."

waiting for Ainsley and Hudson to come home from school- Hudson for the first time- Hope his first day of kindergarten was great. I have his requested peanut butter cookies currently in the oven.

It is amazing how cranky kids can be even when they are not saying a word. It is also amazing how mad a 2 year-old who is used to having two older siblings always entertain him can be when said playmates are not up to their roles as entertainers.

Progress- 3 hours of sleep in a row. The the longest since as Ainsley wrote (because she won't talk), "they ripped part of our bodies out of our mouths!"

Tonsillectomies don't make for the best weekends ever.

Home from the hospital- other than throw-up in the car on the way home they are doing pretty well. So after a pretty engaging, positive summer, we will fry their little brains with lots of TV and ice cream right before school starts. Oh well- thanks for praying the surgery would go well!

Praying and waiting.... one in the recovery room, the other currently in surgery. Darn giant tonsils.

My kids loved our trip to the store today, we purchased ice cream, jello, pudding, and juice. They won't be as happy tomorrow- both A & H are getting their tonsils taken out. If you think of it- say a little prayer for us!

took Ainsley on an adventure to Powells this morning. She then made herself carsick reading on the way home. Oh well- happy that I have a child that passionately loves to read. One down, three to go.

is getting ready to go out for the night with Andrew. Camden is at the door yelling, "Cheri, where are you? I wanna see you." God bless babysitters and thank goodness my children would prefer to have a babysitter over for the night than have me stay home.

is enjoying having a cell phone again, and also enjoying that Camden has his blue blankie back. Nothing like leaving a special object behind for a week to point out that really a little piece of fabric is far more comforting than a mother.

is wondering what diseases her youngest will get from alternating feeding chipmunks by hand and then eating the peanuts himself. Never mind the ticks he is probably picking up from the deer that he is PETTING! Aren't these wild animals?

just got back from the "big" ultrasound. Sweet, wiggly, big, baby. For the fourth time we didn't peek. We figure we will know if it is a boy or girl for the rest of our lives. Might as well keep it a surprise for these short (long) nine months.

peeked in on #4 again today. In keeping with Pate tradition at 12 weeks it measures 2 weeks bigger than it should. I should have married someone smaller if I didn't want big babies.

Is off to pre-school Mother's Day tea after being informed that, "Dads and donuts was way better than this is going to be mom, because tea is not as good."

Ainsley just made a batch of muffins by herself- followed the recipe perfectly. The spilled cinnamon may never come out of the grout in my floor- but oh well.

was happy to see a little wiggly body and heartbeat today. What a miracle.

is happy to be excused from Jury Duty. I said I could come if I could bring my 2 year old. Wonder why they excused me?

just walked in from taking Ainsley to the bus stop and found Camden up at the table eating butter.

was happy that when she told her kids that we were staying in M-F and our presents aren't here Ainsley said, "well, Christmas isn't about presents anyway."

is happy that Mr. Clean magic erasers take sharpie off cabinets- Thanks Camden.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4 months in 2 minutes.

So what do you do when you essentially took about 4 months off from your blog? Since I make these into a book I can't just pretend June through September didn't happen. So I either had to quit blogging, or do this. So here it is. A ton of pictures really fast. I'm going to try and write in sentence fragments and be fast. Who am I kidding- I can't tell anything fast and I pretty much always use sentence fragments... so... oh well. Here goes:

June: Sunday School Swim party.

First day off school we took a trip to the State Capitol because Ainsley missed that field trip going on a tennis trip to Medford. Look how education we were being!

Heather and Brent go to Jamaica, we keep Lauren and Lydia. It was great fun. (Okay- so probably more fun for H&B, but we had a great time with the girls.) Ainsley and Lauren went to the Oregon City girls basketball camp. It was amazing.

June: Andrew went with other dads from church on on a camping trip with all the kids. Basically what I heard can be summed up with, "had a great time, really cold night, totally will do it again" and from Ainsley, "I was the best at shooting a gun!" and from me, "Yeah! Everyone came home injury-free." Oh and one other thing I thought of while I was typing that. Ainsley did throw up that night in the tent (she doesn't do real well with bad for you food, ie... hot dogs, chips, and other dad stuff) and Andrew's solution was to just throw the blanket she threw up away at the campground. It reminded me of a time when she was maybe one and a half and I was working and she was sick. Andrew stayed home with her that day, but decided he needed to run an errand in downtown Portland. She threw up on 84 on the way there. Rather than turn around he drove to Pioneer Place, went in the Gap, and bought her new clothes. Went right on with his errand. It is good for kids to get experiences with both parents :) Makes them tough. Look at me just summing up everything so quickly...

July: begins my favorite part of summer. Hanging out with my parents and sister's family. Here we are at a family wedding in Spokane.

We tried so many times to get a picture of all six kids looking good together. Turns out we can't do that.

Camden and Eleison are so cute together. One of my favorite memories of the summer is the first night we saw them Camden just kept petting Eleison's hair. He was so happy to see her. They play so sweet together.

We went to Wallowa Lake. Fun, but a nasty little plague of fever/headache made it's way through all the kids. Made sleeping a little less than fun.

We did go-carts, Camden was awesome and yelled the whole time out of pure joy. Eleison yelled, "best day ever!"

We waited, in the hot sun, for a long time, in Joseph to see some horses ride by. Probably won't do that again.

Cute picture of everyone sitting in the back of Scott's truck waiting for it to happen. "It" lasted about 15 seconds. The smell lingered longer.

We came back to Portland and celebrated Zech's birthday at John's Incredible Pizza. Super fun place.

Even the daddies had fun! (okay- they usually have fun :) )

Man Christmas is a long time away... really love my niece and nephew. And I really love the relationships our kids have together.

We pacified the sadness of them leaving with a beach trip with Grandma and Grandad. It was super fun. The kite in the background here says "Lincoln City."

As always- the kids loved the beach. Just wish I could turn up the temperature at the Oregon Coast.

We came home from the beach and the next day took Ainsley to camp at Trout Creek Bible Camp with her friend Emma. Yikes. A week was a L.O.N.G. time to not have contact with our firstborn. This was when we dropped her off. They look a little nervous don't they?

Ainsley had the time of her life. She LOVED camp so much and can't wait to go back. We are so glad. She is trying to figure out how she could go for more than one week next year. It was that good. She had to "kiss the moose" everyday. (you have to kiss the moose if you get a package or more than three pieces of mail that day.)

One of the last big adventures was a trip to the Oregon Garden with Grandma, Grandad, and Auntie Kate. Our kids are so blessed to have two sets of such amazing grandparents.

Not pictured from the summer is lots of swimming, playing, complaining that the weather wasn't hot enough this year, tennis camp (a couple of them) and in general lots of fun family time.

So there you go. It is the middle of October, but I did a summer wrap-up. If you stayed with me I'm guessing your name is Tennille. I would be shocked if anyone else made it this far! But hey - now the blog-book will be more-complete!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre K, 2nd, and 5th. A post. Finally.

So it may seem like I'm about 6 weeks late posting first day of school pictures, but I'm actually not. It makes sense I waited because Camden's first day of school was actually October 3rd. So I just waited for him. I'm bad at blogging, great at rationalizing. Here are my cute little fifth and second graders. Wow. When did they get so big?

Ainsley is really enjoying Ms Secor's class.

Hudson is doing great in Mrs. Terveen's class. Crazy that I job-shared with Mrs. Terveen when I was pregnant with Hudson!

After watching Hudson and Ainsley go to school for all of September it was finally time for Camden to go to pre-school. He was so excited, but then on the drive there he said, "Hey, I'm nervous!" Super cute. He is going to Bruin Buddies at Barlow. He is amazed that daddy can go in the school office and watch him on the surveillance TV.

He marched right into school ready to go. Every day since he goes in without so much as a glace back to me to say goodbye. I'll take that as a good thing that he loves it.

My favorite story so far is that on Thursday night last week, after 4 days in school, Camden asked me if he would still go to Bruin Buddies next year when he is in Kindergarten. I explained that no, he would go to Deep Creek. He burst into tears sobbing, "but then I'll never see Mrs. D again and I love her." Lets dial back the drama a bit, you've been with her for 4 days so far and you have a whole year left with her. Save those tears.

And here is Reagan, who goes nowhere but out to the gate almost every morning in her pj's to watch as Ainsley and Hudson go to the bus. I'm probably never going to let her go to school.