Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How long must it have taken them to get them all up there?

You can tell me the truth, do these things happen in other houses?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ensuring there will be plenty of future blog material.

In case you can't see the little + in both of those tests, or if you haven't read a cheap pregnancy test lately, both of those little tests mean that Camden will no longer be the baby in our family come November. (Hooray for us that we figured out how to not have another baby in December...but just barely.) And actually it is Andrew who is neurotic enough to make me take not one, but two tests.

I had a few other possible titles for this entry:

Blessing #4

Pate Party of SIX

One last shot at a quiet, calm, compliant child

Proof that we are crazy

When all is said and done, it will be a decade of diapers.

The LAST one.

Did I really just upload a picture of something I peed on?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hudson will have tubes put in his ears in a couple of weeks. He had some questions about it and seemed a little perplexed when he heard that his tubes would eventually fall out. His next question was great. He said, "After that do you put them under your pillow for a tube fairy?" Either he is clever and thinking about how to get money, or we are on the right track and he does have some hearing issues.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ainsley with the word mis-use this time (and a healthy does of self-esteem)

Ainsley has almost grown out of using words incorrectly, almost. This was the conversation at the dinner table the night I registered Hudson for kindergarten.

Ainsley: You are going to LOVE going to school at Deep Creek.

Hudson: But I want to go to school at my school still.

Ainsley: No, Deep Creek is way better. And besides, you will be a star there.

Hudson: Why?

Ainsley: Because everyone there loves me, and because you're one of my ancestors you will be like a star.

Ancestor is now a vocab word for the Pate family.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Favorite moments 3/2/09

Obviously I love the funny things kids do and say. So yesterday, my birthday, my children (well, one of them) blessed me with a couple of cute things that made my day. (My day was also made by going and getting my nails done and a wonderful, quiet, dinner out alone with my husband-thanks for babysitting Katie.)

Hudson had a friend over for a few hours in the afternoon. Here are two of their conversations:

#1 ~ During lunch they had a very heated argument about what REALLY makes 6, one thinks it is four plus two, the other thinks three plus three. They were ready to fight to the death over this. I blew their minds by saying that five plus one makes six.

#2 ~ They come bursting in from outside where they were digging with the little hand held, dollar store, garden shovels that the kids gave me for my birthday. Almost yelling Hudson says, "Mom, is hot lava real?" I said yes. His friend says, "See I told you." Hudson says, "So does that mean it can squirt up at us?" I reassure them that it can't. His friend says, "Yea, but Tiffany we are really strong and dig deep, so it probably will."

It is going to be a toss up between majoring in math or science for these boys.