Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our kids: the little High School Students

Every family has a different culture based on what the family is involved in right? Our kids have lots of experience hanging out with High School kids. Going to "Daddy's School" is always one of their favorite things to do. Most kids are probably pretty overwhelmed with the big, crowded halls that await them as freshman. Because of our families "culture" I'm guessing this is not going to be all that strange to our kids.

These were a couple of pictures of our kids with "big kids" that I thought were fun.

This one is at the tennis party- Hudson looks so happy to be included with all the boys in the hot tub.

Ainsley was happy to get to be in the middle of the pool game they were playing.

This picture is from a BBQ we had at our house to say goodbye to some of the kids from Andrew's Bible Study group that are leaving for college. Our kids end up attached to these kids because every Tuesday morning a sleepy, but committed group of kids show up at our house for breakfast and Bible Study. It is a toss up for our kids what they like better, the attention they get from the High School kids, or the fact that some of these mornings I serve sugar cereal for breakfast. Both are big treats!

We feel really blessed that our kids have the opportunity to be surrounded by such great examples, and it makes for a good supply of babysitters!

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