Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family planning

The upcoming arrival of #4 is the big point of conversation around our house. It is going to be interesting because Ainsley is desperate for a sister, Hudson says he won't hold the baby unless it is a boy, and Camden thinks the baby in his tummy is bigger than the one in my tummy.

One of our best conversations happened yesterday morning. Ainsley was brushing her hair in our room when the following conversation happens:

Ainsley: So both my grandparents had 2 kids, you guys are having 4, so I'll probably have 6.

Me: What if it is a doubling pattern instead of an adding pattern so you'll have 8?

Ainsley: No way.

(pause) Andrew and I giggle.

Ainsley: Well, I guess if this baby ends up being a boy and I have to learn to deal with three little brothers I could probably handle 8 kids.

Good. I'm looking forward to lots of grandkids. :)


Wilson Family said...

Ha, ha, ha, That's Great!! =) Thanks for making me laugh!

tlc said...

I think she may have a valid line of reasoning! :-)

Anonymous said...

That kid cracks me up! I love Anisley. Thanks for sharing.

~Cyndi and Family

Jenne said...