Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Canoe Field Trip (catch-up post)

So before I get behind on summer pictures- I'll try and catch up with a couple things that were fun in the last month or so that I haven't posted anything. Andrew got to go on a field trip with Ainsley. They went on a HUGE canoe on the Willamette river. It looked like so much fun. I call that I get to go the next time one of our kids does this field trip, Andrew says that he is doing it again and I can do OMSI and the Children's Museum. I don't think so. They spent all day and despite getting rained on (because you know, it is spring 2010 and all it has done is rain) they had an amazing time. They went into the locks at Oregon City and went up to the water fall. They saw sea lions, and went over onto an island to have lunch and play Native American games. I'm totally going next time.

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