Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cute little comments

Gramma Arlene had Camden tell her two things he liked about each person in our family. She wrote down his answers. Super cute.

Ainsley: She sometimes lets me go in her room.
She is nice to me.
She sometimes lets me make stuff for her.

Hudson: He shares his toys with me.
He built a Lego City
He's so friendly to me.

Reagan: She's just always silly.
She can climb on things- a great, great climber.
She laughs when I do funny things.

Daddy: He's always letting me build things.
He picks me up.
He plays basketball and tennis with me.
He lets me use the tennis ball shooter.

Mommy: She's good to me.
She makes good tacos with cheese.
She is very very pretty.


Traci said...

That boy sure has a way with words!

Such a sweetheart!

Mars said...

I just now read this for the first time - so adorable! I think she should have asked him what he likes about himself, too. That could have been very interesting or insightful or just plain funny! ;)