Sunday, November 25, 2007

4 years at Cornerstone

A little over four years when Cornerstone was in the planning stages Andrew told me he was really feeling led to go. We were completely happy at Good Shephard and I saw NO reason whatsoever why we would change. I didn't really know that people changed churches- come on- I was married in the same church that my parents and grandparents were married and and that EVERYONE in my family (that still lives in Milton-Freewater) goes to. Change churches- what the heck?! But being the completely submissive wife that I am (yeah, you do hear a little sarcasam coming through your computer screen- but I do really try) off we went to Cornerstone. Actually for the first 6 weeks or so we went to G.S. on Saturday nights and Cornerstone on Sunday mornings. That was especially tricky because I had Hudson during that time. Fast forward 4 years and I can't think of a better decision that we have made as a family (funny how that whole submission thing works out-remind me about that occasionally would you?). We love Cornerstone so much and feel so blessed to be in a church body that serves so much. Cornerstone is a place filled with people who love the Lord and are great examples to us. We couldn't ask to be surrounded by more wonderful people or be lead by a more amazing person than Barry. I was sick toay and didn't go and I really missed it. Thank goodness for the sermon archives. Here is video that was shown at our anniversary dinner. Watch for pictures of our kids:

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