Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pecking Order

In our house it is good to be The Guest. We have tried to teach our kids that we treat guests in a gracious way. When Ainsley and Lauren were learning about being guests in each others houses arguments would sometimes break out over who was getting to be The Guest. Ties are broken, desserts are chosen, and games selected with The Guest getting the better outcome. Hudson had a friend over and they were having a hard time deciding what they would play, each had a plan that the other didn't like. I had to intervene before it became physical, so I pulled out the guest card. "Hudson, Colin is The Guest so we will start by playing his game first." Hudson may not be in school yet, but he clearly has an older sibling who is a full blow grade-schooler because his response was, "He can be the guest, but I'll be the teacher."

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