Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The hope is gone...

I love the Deep Blue Something song Breakfast At Tiffany's. Not just because it has my name in it, but I actually like the song. And of course I like the movie as well. In fact, here is my laundry room:

Can you see through the flash glare that it is a B @ Tiffany's poster? We have moved beyond the stage of life where you hang up movie posters, so this has its home in the laundry room. But it is one of the cuter rooms in my house, mainly because of that little Roomba you see charging down on the floor in the picture, but my love affair with the Roomba probably should be a whole blog post by itself.

Anyway, I like the movie, but I like the song better. I've tried for years to figure out how to get it as my ringtone, if anyone can help me out with that I would owe you big.

I am going somewhere with this, hang on with me.

So with as much as I like the song, adding the best now non-presidential candidate to it made it amazing. This youtube video is hilarious, even if it is now completely dated because republicans screwed up royally and didn't even nominate an actual republican for this election. Good work. Anyway- this video is totally worth watching, and if you click on "more info" on the right side next to the December date it was posted it will put the lyrics up. And before you think I'm crazy and this is such old news, this video was the #7 video on youtube today. So there are lots of other people still mourning the Republican primary result with me. So here is the link:

And in case you just don't have the 3 minutes to watch it (which if you are taking the time to read my blog... honestly, you have the 3 minutes!) here are the words to the chorus:

You said you've got nothing in common
With the candidates to choose from
And you're losing heart
You'll say the Big Three don't do it for you
Their negative ads bore you
And you just might stay home.

So I said, "What about voting for Huckabee?"
She said, "I think I remember that man,
And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked him."
And I said, "Well, he's the best hope we've got."

And now, sadly that hope is gone.

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Jenne said...

The hope is gone for this election year. But i can still write him in. What else can a girl like me do?

Thanks for sharing the utube link!