Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby behaving badly

At church yesterday, as Camden was running around, Andrea said to me, "You didn't get your calm, compliant one did you?"

You see, about a year ago we dedicated Camden and our pastor has us write a letter to read to the baby during the dedication. In my letter I said this:

"Some experts say that each child takes a role in a family that is not yet filled. That way they are ensuring that they will be successful in their family. Well Camden, the role of calm, quite, compliant child is open and available in our family."

He is a sweet, snugly, funny, little guy that we love dearly. But as these pictures attest, Camden has let the calm, quite role remain unfilled in our family.

"If you won't get me the yogurt, then I will get UP ON THE COUNTER BY MYSELF to get it.'
"I was thinking that you wanted all the q-tips, band-aids, and toothbrushes unloaded out of the bathroom drawer. Over and over every day...'
"While no one was looking, I helped myself to the popcorn, and what I didn't want I just threw all over the floor."
"Is eating dirt a problem for someone? By the way, I spilled a little over here on the floor."


Barry said...

Keep trying. Odds say you'll get that calm compliant one sometime, maybe.

Pate Family said...

HA HA Barry- I don't think I need to roll the dice again to be confident that the gentle spirit gene is just not in our genetic makeup.

SchwartzCats said...

Man, I'm laughing. :)

Pate Family said...

Yeah- you can laugh because the Schwartz family is full of quiet gentle spirits- maybe we could adopt one of yours.