Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick mood change.

Today was the last day of first grade. Ainsley hadn't expressed anything but excitement over summer, but when she got off the bus today there were lots of tears over the end of school. The teachers all lined up and bowed to the kids as the buses drove away, and evidently that sent her over the emotional edge. "I don't want school to end, I love school, I love first grade, I love Mr. Coburn." On and on it went. I talked her off the ledge, only to have her hop up there again (predictably- she shares her mother's ability to get over emotional as she gets tired) at bedtime. As we again processed how wonderful the year was and how sad she is that it is over, abruptly she stopped and said, "Hey, do I have to get my clothes on and get ready before breakfast or can I eat breakfast in my pajamas during the summer?" I told her she could eat in her pajamas if she wanted. The response? "Sweet! I'm glad school is over, I love summer." Complete attitude transformation, the red eyes behind the happy smile were all that was left of the emotional breakdown just minutes before. If you drop by mid-day and Ainsley is still in her pajamas this summer, now you will understand why.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! How I love that child!!!!! A lady who truly FEELS her emotions. Thank you for sharing that story! Heather