Monday, June 2, 2008

So Stinkin' Funny

We LOVE our pastor. His ability to tell stories is amazing. He grew up in Alaska and then went back there as a missionary with his family. He still goes back mutiple times a year. Our church often has groups of people that go on mission trips there to Kokrin Hills Bible Camp. All this Alaska provides lots of stories about Alaska. Consequently, at our church retreat this weekend one of the "commercials" during a game show THIS. It is so worth clicking on it and watching it on youtube. I love the line regarding Steel Magnolias where he says, "Julia Roberts will be dead in no time." When I told him how funny I thought that line was Barry said he doesn't know who she is :) So if you are one of our friends/family that have visited our church you will appreciate this, if your a Cornerstone person you probably already saw it, and even if you haven't heard Barry before it will be funny.

1 comment:

Jenne said...

He has proven over and over that there is always a SAA.
Every occasion.
Every opportunity.
That's what we love about the guy (well, one of the things)