Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anything Goes! (except not dragons)

No, it is not our philosophy. It is the outdoor summer musical in Walla Walla that we went to Saturday night.

We took the kids (not Camden). And they loved it. It is a really neat outdoor amphitheater and it doesn't start until 8 so you get to watch the sun set and the stars come out. This is the third summer that Ainsley has been to the musical so we knew she would be great, Hudson hasn't been before, he was more of a gamble. He did go to the Strandberg kids performance of Pirates of Penzance this spring and thought it was so good that he wanted to go back again the next day, but he wanted it, "with just the pirates, not the pretty girls." So we hoped that he would sit okay through it. I was worried when we got there, he saw the stage that was shaped like the upper three decks of a ship and said, "which ladder are the pirates going to go down?"

Turns out he did great, stayed awake, and enjoyed the whole show. His best comment of the evening was right before intermission when he had to go to the bathroom. When we were walking out I asked him if he liked it. His response was, "Well, it's too bad there's not dragons in this show, I'd like it better if it had dragons."

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Ally said...

That's such a great theater; I wish we could have gone. I haven't been there in years! Glad the kids enjoyed it and behaved themselves. :)