Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 40th Anniversary

My parents were married July 28th, 1968. (FYI our anniversary is July 27th, and Tennille and Nathan's is July 29th, fun huh?) So that means they have been married for 40 years! We had a party on Friday night at their house to celebrate. It was up on the roof, and it was so fun and beautiful. We made a fun little slide show, but I can't get it to load on YouTube, so your eyes are going to be spared the adventure of seeing some great family pictures from the 70's and 80's. (at least until I can get it to load.)

Here they are 40 years ago:

And here they are the night of the party up on the roof:

It was such a great setting for a party:

The kids loved the party. It was open house style, so they would freak out every time someone new came and they saw them from above. They would run around yelling, "We have a new customer!"

After about 45 minutes of their craziness, we put Camden to bed and the daddy's took Hudson, Zech, and Eleison swimming. This provided the people up on the roof more entertainment to look down and see. At a nice safe distance from splashes (three stories up is just far enough that Hudson can't get you wet.) Being the little party girl that she is, Ainsley stayed and didn't go downstairs to swim.

It was very fun. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Thanks for being such a great example of wonderful marriage.

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Ally said...

I remember your mom telling me when I got married that the carpet in the church had been replaced the day before her wedding. Then the stairs out front were replaced the day before MY wedding (in the same church).

I love these photos... your parents are so beautiful, now and then. What a fun way to celebrate with them!