Monday, October 13, 2008

The Object of Worship

I couldn't help but giggle tonight as I was putting Camden to bed. He goes EVERYWHERE with a ball.He goes to bed EVERY night with a ball. ALL he plays with are balls. If he doesn't have a ball, he will throw something else. Whenever he sees anything that is a circle he says it is a ball. He is even fascinated by the little tiny ball that is on the side of his carseat, you know the one that has to be in the green part not the red part to show the seat is in properly? It drives him crazy that he can't get that ball.
So as he is laying down and I am rubbing his back and singing to him (a new routine...Heather I'm not just dropping and running out the door anymore!) I was singing Jesus Loves Me and Camden started to join in. But he didn't know any words, he just sang ball, ball, ball, ball, over and over for the whole song with me. Right now he is definitely breaking "Thou shall have no other gods before you." Balls are holy to Camden.


Jenne said...

That is pretty sweet. I can just picture him chiming in to that song.

Anonymous said...

You aren't pitching him in from the doorway anymore Tiffany? How unlike you!!!! Way to go, turning over a new leaf!