Thursday, October 2, 2008

My children keep finding ways to make me hyperventelate

Ainsley walked in the door from school about an hour ago and announced, "I learned the way to make babies!"

Me- speechless.

She continued, "Mr. Coburn didn't teach us though, Marissa did."

Me- Wh..What?

"See mom," (holding up her sweatshirt folded tightly into a little ball) "If you tuck the hood in and fold the arms over then roll it up you can turn it into a little baby." (which she then cuddles)

Thanks so much for that, I had SIX little boys at my house for a few hours today(my own 2 plus four more-no other parents though) so I just didn't have anything to really get my heart pumping yet.

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Jenne said...

No, six boys is not NEARLY enough to get the heart pumping.

And, the day is coming where they will come home with something slightly more accurate, and less innocent. Until then, I will enjoy the absolute adorable interpretations of baby-making!