Monday, February 23, 2009

Could you please stop?

Camden gave us 7 months of just quietly being a sweet little baby. And then he decided he was going to make sure that even if he was the 3rd child, he was not going to be ignored. Don't get me wrong, he is still sweet, but he is also quite capable of making his needs known.

He went through a stage of lots of hitting last fall, and he also was a biter as soon as he got teeth for a long time. The hitting was aggressive, but the biting was just out of excitement or a need to use his little teeth. The biting stopped, and he never was kicked out of the church nursery for it, so I was happy it was over. The hitting, with lots of training, decreased to just an occasional outburst when he was really upset.

Until last week. He has been fighting some little cold, nothing terrible, but it is either that or some developmental stage that has brought out a very quick temper in the little guy. The first sign of anything that he doesn't like and he is biting, hitting, or both. I knew it had sort of taken over everything when this morning he came up to me and said (pauses between each word as he works to get them all out) "Mommy, I hit people." (lots of emphasis on people)

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