Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Hudson was doing with his time.

Sometimes things sneak up on me as a parent. I think it is the frog in the boiling water thing. Hudson knows just how to push Camden's buttons and Camden gives great reactions when he does. It is little things like pretending to shoot him, touching his car set, blow on him, you get the idea. Consequently I was saying, "Hudson, stop stirring up trouble" over and over every day.

All of a sudden I though, "wait, how did we end up here?" And I knew something had to change. Hudson has a bad habit and Camden has been conditioned to respond. Because Camden doesn't understand, "just ignore him and he will stop," I have to go with solving it on Hudson side (which really is where it should stop.) So today I broke out the behavior modification. After explaining the new system to Hudson where his behavior would be rewarded/punished he said, "If I can't bother Camden, what am I going to do all day?"

(FYI- today went great and Hudson was able to fill his time.)


Jenne said...


And tell me, Tiffany, why don't we do MORE playdates? This is WONDERFUL!

Ally said...

Indeed, what to do all day without being able to torture a sibling? Oh... how I relate to this post!