Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Favorite moments 3/2/09

Obviously I love the funny things kids do and say. So yesterday, my birthday, my children (well, one of them) blessed me with a couple of cute things that made my day. (My day was also made by going and getting my nails done and a wonderful, quiet, dinner out alone with my husband-thanks for babysitting Katie.)

Hudson had a friend over for a few hours in the afternoon. Here are two of their conversations:

#1 ~ During lunch they had a very heated argument about what REALLY makes 6, one thinks it is four plus two, the other thinks three plus three. They were ready to fight to the death over this. I blew their minds by saying that five plus one makes six.

#2 ~ They come bursting in from outside where they were digging with the little hand held, dollar store, garden shovels that the kids gave me for my birthday. Almost yelling Hudson says, "Mom, is hot lava real?" I said yes. His friend says, "See I told you." Hudson says, "So does that mean it can squirt up at us?" I reassure them that it can't. His friend says, "Yea, but Tiffany we are really strong and dig deep, so it probably will."

It is going to be a toss up between majoring in math or science for these boys.

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Eric 'n Leah said...

Okay Tiffany, this post makes me feel better about all the seriously messed up and weird things that my son says and seem oh-so-important to him. Apparently, the same things will still be important to him when he is 5. Thanks for the post!