Thursday, May 28, 2009

Congratulations Nathan!

Our brother-in-law Nathan just accepted the job as the principal of the upper school (middle and high school) where he teaches at Hope Academy in Minneapolis. Last spring break when we visited we went to see the school and loved it- here is the blog entry from that portion of the trip.

Hope is a great place. It is an inner city school (and inner city Minneapolis is WAY different than even inner-city Portland) that serves a very diverse population. It is certainly not your "typical" private Christian school. Almost all of their students are there on a scholarship of some kind. The children that attend have a sponsor that pays for their education... it is a pretty amazing program that they have started. The sponsors actually come and visit, and are involved with, the kids in school that they support. At least 70% of the kids qualify for free or reduced lunch. Here is their mission statement and vision: (the vision statement actually makes me get tears in my eyes- then again I'm a hormonal mess right now...)

Our Mission

To foster hope in God within the inner-city neighborhoods of Minneapolis by providing children with an outstanding, Christ-centered education.

Our Vision

Believing that all children are created for God's glory and endowed by him with an inalienable potential to acquire wisdom and knowledge, Hope Academy covenants with urban families to equip their children to become the responsible, servant leaders of the 21st Century. Committed to the truth, discipline, and values of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Hope Academy pursues this aim by mobilizing educational, business, and community leaders towards the important goal of serving the children of Minneapolis with a remarkable education, permeated with a God-centered perspective. This inter-denominational school will seek to unleash kingdom citizens who work for justice, economic opportunity, racial harmony, hope for the family, and joy in the community.

Hope's website is: if you want to know more.

Again- we are so proud of you Nathan- and Tennille, we know you can handle it too!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations Nathan! And, Tiffany -- that is one GREAT vision statement. So, don't worry.... it isn't just your outrageous hormonal state.