Thursday, March 27, 2008

School and Bridges

Thursday morning we went to visit Nathan at his school. He teaches at Hope Acadamy, a private christian school. It is not what you think of when you think of private- it is an inner city school that's students are 65% poverty and 90% minority. Every child's family must pay a little to send them there, but most of them have sponsors that pay for their tuition and are involved in their education. It is really amazing to see, the kids take Latin and Bible along with regular core classes. They wear uniforms and the High School that opens in the fall will be seperated by gender. I would send my kids to school there in a heartbeat. When you walk in they have classical music playing in the halls and the kids were better behaved than in ANY school I have been in before.

John Piper's daughter is in his class. I didn't get to meet her which is probably for the best because I would have probably treated her like a rock star- not really appropriate. You have to wonder, how does it feel to be the daughter of one of the greatest theological minds of our time?

We also went for a walk across the Mississippi river to see where they are building the new bridge to replace the 35W that crashed in August. It is amazing to see the construction. They are working 24/7 on it to have it opened by December 24th.

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Jenne said...

That school seems amazing. Such an unusual model. Are you getting any "crazy" school-administrator ideas??