Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maybe we should read Jacob and Esau.

I came home from Bible Study last night and Andrew told me he had witnessed the funniest conversation between Ainsley and Hudson he had ever heard. This is how it went:

Hudson: I'll pay you $20.

Ainsley: What for?

Hudson: If you let me tell you what to do.

Ainsley: For how long?

Hudson: Ummm.... a year.

Ainsley: No way.

Hudson: How about a month.

Ainsley: No.

Hudson: A week?

Ainsley: No.

Hudson: A day?

Ainsley: No.

Hudson: Five minutes?

Ainsley: Okay.

Andrew: NO! Your not paying your sister to tell her what to do.

Ainsley and Hudson: AAAwwwww!


Jenne said...

hilarious that Hudson thought he was getting a good deal!

Tennille said...

I want to know what Hudson was going to have her do in those five minutes. Can you ask him for me and let me know???

Barry said...

Too funny!