Monday, September 28, 2009

A couple of Ainsley's punchlines

Two funny things Ainsley said this weekend:

We were out to dinner at Red Robin (overstimulating restaurant, lovely because kids can be loud and no one can hear them over the other noise) and they had this advertisement in the middle of the table that was shaped to be like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Andrew explains to the kids what the real Leaning Tower of Pisa is and tells them about when he walked up the stairs inside of the building. He then tells them how engineers are trying to keep it from continuing to lean more because if they don't eventually it's center of gravity will be too far off and it will fall over. Ainsley pipes up with, "The news people will love it when that happens."

My parents were here this weekend and when ever they leave it is TRAUMATIC for the kids. Camden screamed, and screamed, and screamed when they left. As Ainsley and Hudson were telling them goodbye and Camden was freaking out Ainsley says, "This is going to take me years of therapy to get over."

No drama around here.


Leibyclan said...

Too funny! Who needs TV or sitcoms or stand-up comedians when you have kiddos. I love it!

tlc said...

Tiffany, there is probably not time in your day to even recount all of the noteworthy & comical things your kids come up with. I have to say a big thanks, though, for filling us in on some of them. Ainsley is SO funny!

Anonymous said...

We love that kid!
The Strandberg's