Friday, September 18, 2009


It was a very long week and a half after Ainsley started for Hudson to wait to start Kindergarten. Finally on Tuesday he got to go to his "gradual entry" day and yesterday was his first official day and now we are on the every day schedule. He is in afternoon so waiting all morning is a bit long too, but I like only getting one ready in the morning. (and I'm also going to enjoy the next 8 weeks before I have the baby of the afternoons with both big kids in school and Camden taking a nap!) Here he is before school:
Camden needed to be in a picture too (he is doing "potty school"- happily that has been really easy. Talk about a blessing for me!)
How cute is he?! He had a great day and loved his teacher. A funny coincidence is that both A & H have student teachers in their class, and both of the student teachers at one point had Andrew for a teacher at Barlow! Small world.
Here he is in his classroom:
Here he is coming off the bus THE FIRST DAY! Riding the bus home with Ainsley is the part of school he has been anticipating the most. So cute!


Megan said...

Oh wow, what a handsome kid! He looks so grown up and proud in that picture coming off the bus. And how great that potty training is going so well! Sounds like adding a 4th will be a breeze ;) Or at least another adventure!

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! Tell Hudson the we are all proud of him! Heather

tlc said...

By the way, I meant to mention how darling the boys looked that day in their matching shirts! That is something I would do. :-) So glad Joel will still allow it!