Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby catch-up post

Okay- It has been three weeks since we had Reagan, and since I posted anything on our blog. It is not for lack of blog material- it is for lack of time, as anyone who has ever had more than one child can imagine. Someone at church told me that when you have one child you are a couple with a child, when you have two kids you are now technically a family, when you have three kids and you are now outnumbered and life really begins. I am adding that when you get to four kids it is a whole special kind of crazy.

The good news is so far it hasn't been very crazy- but come March when it is raining all the time, tennis season is underway, and my mom is not here all bets are off.

So, while I have the time here are some pictures to catch you up on little baby Reagan.

Here I am with her right after she was born:
I am so happy that I don't have to be pregnant again, but I will miss not getting to do "delivery days" ever again. All four of my babies births have been so wonderful- Reagan's birth was so calm yet exciting. What a blessing to get to have babies!

Here she is having her first bath, which she didn't appreciate much.
And here she is all dressed for the first time- in hospital clothes- see more about that below.

And here we are with her the next morning after she was born.

Andrew went to Lloyd center to buy clothes for her- we didn't have any infant girl stuff. Evidently 8 years is too long for me to keep clothes without giving them away. We discovered the night before going to the hospital that we didn't have girl stuff. I'm pretty sure that was Murphy's Law kicking in and that is why we ended up with a girl :) So actually that worked out well. (Although actually we are crediting Ainsley with the girl because she said she prayed every day in the shower the whole time I was expecting that the baby would be a girl. Her teacher told us that she told her whole class about her prayer schedule.)

Lots more pictures and stories to come!

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Jenne said...

Yes. Four is a new kind of crazy. Welcome to it!