Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey Bowl

As long as I'm trying to catch up on blog photos I thought I'd also jump back to Thanksgiving. One of our neighbors (thanks Katz family!) organized a Turkey Bowl out in our greenway. Hudson has been excited about it since Halloween when we heard about it. He wanted to practice all the time. It was flag football, but he practiced tackle, "the real way" he insists.

Ainsley was originally drawn to the event by the promise of donuts and hot chocolate, but ended up loving playing football. She found that her soccer skills transfered over and she did a great job of kicking off- perfect straight, long kicks!
It was pretty wet and cold, so Camden stopped about half way through, but daddy, Ainsley, and Hudson had a great time to the very end. Can you see the chocolate smeared all over Camden's face? Our kids didn't need Thanksgiving dinner- they were happy with their morning treats.
I would be a negligent wife if I didn't mention that Andrew scored not one, but two touchdowns. :)

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