Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Dedication

On Sunday we dedicated Reagan's life to the Lord at church. We have done this three times at Cornerstone, and once (Ainsley- pre-Cornerstone) at our house with our family and friends there. Each time we have written a letter to the child expressing our desires for their life. Barry made a video already (how great to have a pastor that is not only amazing- but puts up video links to events just a few hours after they happened!) - you can view the rest of the dedications (there were 5 kids total on Sunday- all sweet families with great kids) at

Here is our letter in case you can't see/hear the video:

Reagan Joy,

Sweet baby girl we love you so much. You are wonderful little baby who has proved the pattern that every baby in our family gets easier than the one before. However, I also have observed the pattern that every three-year-old gets harder than the one before, and it is because of this you are going to stay the baby of the family by being the last Pate baby. Three years ago when I wrote a letter like this to Camden I mentioned that if he was looking to fill a unique position in the family, the role of the calm-quiet, compliant child was available. Well, as it turns out that role is still open. However, I have come to the conclusion that you probably don’t possess the genetic material for such a personality, and I wouldn’t know what to do with that anyway, so instead I am looking forward to raising an ambitious, energetic, and strong girl.

My first desire in life is to glorify God in all I say and do, my second desire is to raise you and your siblings to have the same first desire as I do. Reagan, I pray you would have a fierce love for the Lord and while I will fail you I want you to know that He never will.

Reagan you completed our family so perfectly. You couldn’t be more loved by us, or by your older siblings. If experiencing each new stage of parenting has taught us anything, it is that we on our own are insufficient to the task of being good parents to you. The great thing about that is that when we rely on Jesus, we don’t have to live life and parent you and your brothers and sisters on our own. We pray that as you grow up, that you will pursue a deep relationship with our savior, that you will boldly proclaim his name and that you will realize your need to depend on Him always. We pray that we would continue to seeks God’s wisdom and quickly turn to Him in times of trial, so you can learn positive lessons from us.

Today Reagan, we dedicated you to the Lord. We ask that he would guide your life and you would serve him all of your days on this side of Heaven, and you would look forward to Eternal Life with him. We dedicate ourselves to doing our best, through the Holy Spirit, to raise you in a way that leads you to the Lord and into a life of service to Him.

Love, Mom and Dad

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