Friday, January 21, 2011

A little comparison.

Remember back when Reagan was 3 months old and I said she didn't look like the other kids? Want to see who she does look like?

Here is Reagan at 14 months.

Here is me (Tiffany) at 13 months.

***Please overlook the fact that my mother had far more time with me, her first child, than I do with Reagan, my fourth, to do things like; fix my hair, get professional pictures taken, and put shoes and socks on me.


Tennille said...

Oh, how I would love to post a picture of me on here - with my bowl cut, straight, scraggly hair. Mom had no idea how to do hair that was unruly. You, however, have great hair and your daughter looks exactly like you. Love you and miss you!

Alicia said...

Actually, I love the bare toes photo.

Jenne said...

You are forgiven. And thank you for only making me look half bad, not completely disasterous.

Holy moly do you two look alike. that is so fun!!!