Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

Tennille just asked me this morning to post something. I had nothing. Then, like Manna from Heaven the single best conversation ever with Camden. I came straight home from the walk it took place during to write it down word for word. As I was writing Andrew called and I told him about it and he asked me to save it until Sunday so he can use it for the Church opening (so all 2 of you don't hear it ahead of time :) ) Anyway- I made April Fool's Day treats for my kids lunch- "Doughnut Seeds" (cereal inside the seed pack!) and for dinner tonight we are going out for Jim's birthday so I made cupcakes- special ones. I took a picture of all of it so I have something to post.
In downloading the pictures I found these of RJ- pretty cute if your not the one cleaning it up!


Tennille said...

Thanks! And those cupcakes are awesome! Good work! Also, you must now post that story after church on Sunday or call me to tell me it. I am definitely excited to hear it!

Love you!

Mars said...

Oh, man. Come on! We're always 15 minutes late for church, so we're gonna miss it anyways!!!

Traci said...

I love the cupcakes Tiffany! Great job!