Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4 months in 2 minutes.

So what do you do when you essentially took about 4 months off from your blog? Since I make these into a book I can't just pretend June through September didn't happen. So I either had to quit blogging, or do this. So here it is. A ton of pictures really fast. I'm going to try and write in sentence fragments and be fast. Who am I kidding- I can't tell anything fast and I pretty much always use sentence fragments... so... oh well. Here goes:

June: Sunday School Swim party.

First day off school we took a trip to the State Capitol because Ainsley missed that field trip going on a tennis trip to Medford. Look how education we were being!

Heather and Brent go to Jamaica, we keep Lauren and Lydia. It was great fun. (Okay- so probably more fun for H&B, but we had a great time with the girls.) Ainsley and Lauren went to the Oregon City girls basketball camp. It was amazing.

June: Andrew went with other dads from church on on a camping trip with all the kids. Basically what I heard can be summed up with, "had a great time, really cold night, totally will do it again" and from Ainsley, "I was the best at shooting a gun!" and from me, "Yeah! Everyone came home injury-free." Oh and one other thing I thought of while I was typing that. Ainsley did throw up that night in the tent (she doesn't do real well with bad for you food, ie... hot dogs, chips, and other dad stuff) and Andrew's solution was to just throw the blanket she threw up away at the campground. It reminded me of a time when she was maybe one and a half and I was working and she was sick. Andrew stayed home with her that day, but decided he needed to run an errand in downtown Portland. She threw up on 84 on the way there. Rather than turn around he drove to Pioneer Place, went in the Gap, and bought her new clothes. Went right on with his errand. It is good for kids to get experiences with both parents :) Makes them tough. Look at me just summing up everything so quickly...

July: begins my favorite part of summer. Hanging out with my parents and sister's family. Here we are at a family wedding in Spokane.

We tried so many times to get a picture of all six kids looking good together. Turns out we can't do that.

Camden and Eleison are so cute together. One of my favorite memories of the summer is the first night we saw them Camden just kept petting Eleison's hair. He was so happy to see her. They play so sweet together.

We went to Wallowa Lake. Fun, but a nasty little plague of fever/headache made it's way through all the kids. Made sleeping a little less than fun.

We did go-carts, Camden was awesome and yelled the whole time out of pure joy. Eleison yelled, "best day ever!"

We waited, in the hot sun, for a long time, in Joseph to see some horses ride by. Probably won't do that again.

Cute picture of everyone sitting in the back of Scott's truck waiting for it to happen. "It" lasted about 15 seconds. The smell lingered longer.

We came back to Portland and celebrated Zech's birthday at John's Incredible Pizza. Super fun place.

Even the daddies had fun! (okay- they usually have fun :) )

Man Christmas is a long time away... really love my niece and nephew. And I really love the relationships our kids have together.

We pacified the sadness of them leaving with a beach trip with Grandma and Grandad. It was super fun. The kite in the background here says "Lincoln City."

As always- the kids loved the beach. Just wish I could turn up the temperature at the Oregon Coast.

We came home from the beach and the next day took Ainsley to camp at Trout Creek Bible Camp with her friend Emma. Yikes. A week was a L.O.N.G. time to not have contact with our firstborn. This was when we dropped her off. They look a little nervous don't they?

Ainsley had the time of her life. She LOVED camp so much and can't wait to go back. We are so glad. She is trying to figure out how she could go for more than one week next year. It was that good. She had to "kiss the moose" everyday. (you have to kiss the moose if you get a package or more than three pieces of mail that day.)

One of the last big adventures was a trip to the Oregon Garden with Grandma, Grandad, and Auntie Kate. Our kids are so blessed to have two sets of such amazing grandparents.

Not pictured from the summer is lots of swimming, playing, complaining that the weather wasn't hot enough this year, tennis camp (a couple of them) and in general lots of fun family time.

So there you go. It is the middle of October, but I did a summer wrap-up. If you stayed with me I'm guessing your name is Tennille. I would be shocked if anyone else made it this far! But hey - now the blog-book will be more-complete!


Mark and Shari said...

Tiffany, I made it all the way and I am not even a relative! Shari

Alicia said...

I made it all the way through too! Sounds like a great summer - especially the part with extended visits with your parents and sister. I'm more than a tad bit envious. :)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm..... Hello?!?! A third, non-relative commenting here. Tennille,.... where are you? Get with it girl! Great update Tiff. And, thanks again for having the girls while we vacationed.