Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre K, 2nd, and 5th. A post. Finally.

So it may seem like I'm about 6 weeks late posting first day of school pictures, but I'm actually not. It makes sense I waited because Camden's first day of school was actually October 3rd. So I just waited for him. I'm bad at blogging, great at rationalizing. Here are my cute little fifth and second graders. Wow. When did they get so big?

Ainsley is really enjoying Ms Secor's class.

Hudson is doing great in Mrs. Terveen's class. Crazy that I job-shared with Mrs. Terveen when I was pregnant with Hudson!

After watching Hudson and Ainsley go to school for all of September it was finally time for Camden to go to pre-school. He was so excited, but then on the drive there he said, "Hey, I'm nervous!" Super cute. He is going to Bruin Buddies at Barlow. He is amazed that daddy can go in the school office and watch him on the surveillance TV.

He marched right into school ready to go. Every day since he goes in without so much as a glace back to me to say goodbye. I'll take that as a good thing that he loves it.

My favorite story so far is that on Thursday night last week, after 4 days in school, Camden asked me if he would still go to Bruin Buddies next year when he is in Kindergarten. I explained that no, he would go to Deep Creek. He burst into tears sobbing, "but then I'll never see Mrs. D again and I love her." Lets dial back the drama a bit, you've been with her for 4 days so far and you have a whole year left with her. Save those tears.

And here is Reagan, who goes nowhere but out to the gate almost every morning in her pj's to watch as Ainsley and Hudson go to the bus. I'm probably never going to let her go to school.


Eric 'n Leah said...

I'm more wondering when Hudson's SHOES got so big....seriously, how tall is that kid going to be!?

Tennille said...

Once again, thank you for posting. I love seeing my family! Reagan is going to be tall as well. Not even two and she looks 3 1/2. ;-)

Love you!