Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Camden woke up later and was able to go in the backyard for round two of snow play as it was melting. He was really cute and so happy-until he fell and couldn't figure out why his hands were so stinkin' cold!

He really did have fun, even though most of these pictures he is unhappy. He was just so cute fussing. Note that the last picture he is mad because a snowball just wizzed by him and scared him-see the remains of it on the fence behind him. The life of the third child.

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Tennille said...

where are his gloves??? Just so you know it is 10:00pm on 1/29/08 and it is -13 degrees outside. That is without the windchill, which makes it -40 degrees. Yesterday it was +42 degrees. So, between yesterday and today we have felt an 80 degree difference. All I have to ask is - why? Why do I live here??? Glad you had a great time in the snow. Oh, and has your snowman melted? We have had ours (Harley) up for, oh, at least 3 1/2 weeks. Too bad the birds at his oreo eyes and mouth. They even took his carrot nose. They must have been really hungry. It's probably hard to find food under 8 inches of ice snow. The kids will be devastated when July comes and he melts. Love you all!!! Tennille