Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day!

Very few things at 5:20 in the morning are good. The exception is the phone call saying school is cancelled. Of course yesterday the 5:20 phone call was that there was a 2 hr. delay, but then at 6:30 a second call cancelled school for Andrew and Ainsley making for a great family fun day. I know Tennille and Nathan will make fun of us for having no school for 3 inches of snow. Life is different in Minnesota where it is a balmy -6 today. The kids took good advantage of the snow. I think we probably said, "no, we're not going outside to play in the snow until the sun is up" about 15 times. So here are pictures of our snow adventure, which started promptly at 8:00 am. The good news-the other kids in our neighborhood were already up and out not long after us! (if you click on any of the pictures the whole collage gets bigger so you can see it better. The picture of Andrew getting hit with a snowball bottom center is great. The kids close up pictures are really cute, and the one with the snowman is really fun.)

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nziegler said...

If it would have warmed up 69 degrees today, it would have gotten above freezing here in Minnesota. (-36 below wind chill when I rode my bike to work today). We went snow tubing all day yesterday for school. Tennille says she has thin blood and still hasn't gotten used to it.