Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In praise of medical technology.

It is a pretty miraculous thing to go into a doctor and have them be able to actually see a little tiny peanut of a person growing inside of you. Each time I have gone in for this first appointment I always worry that I'm going to be laying there and Dr. Carter is going to look around and say, "Oh honey, sorry but there is no baby there. You've made the whole thing up in your head." With as awful as I have felt this time if I had made this up I would need to be committed. Also with as awful as I have felt this time (think as bad as I have the last three times put together, times about 100) I was a little worried there were two little hormone producing peanuts in there that were making me so sick. And can I just tell you that would put me over the edge? Good news, just one.

And here it is-

There is a head, body, and even little arm and legs. It looks like Andrew don't you think? Ainsley has been inspecting it trying to determine the gender.

Beyond my praise that medical technology has figured out how actually peek in and check on my little growing munchkin is the praise for a prescription that my doctor gave me. A magical little pill that should stop me from feeling so sick every minute of the day after about 2:00. There is a chance that I might be able to actually cook for my family again, help Ainsley with her homework, and the one I'm most excited about, sleep all night without waking up 20 times wishing I could just throw up. If she wouldn't give me the prescription for Zofran I was going to be on my way to one of my friends suggestions which was to go see her (and I quote her- but I won't out her) Voodoo doctor to get something to help. I was ready to try ginger pills, peppermint drops, anything.

So- here is to the hope that I will sleep all night!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!! What a miracle! Heather

Jenne said...

What a little miracle!

And I will gladly come out of the voodoo cloet. I love my Herbalist!

I do help that SOMETHING makes you feel better. I was EXACTLY the same way, feeling worse as the day progressed, and waking up in the middle of the night so sick but then unable to fall back asleep. Misery. Misery. Misery.

Tennille said...

So glad you got the Zofran. You will definitely be feeling better soon. Not normal, but better. Oh, and I do think that we need to shoot for Nov. 24. I think that you can hold in that baby for 4 more days... I love you!


Ally said...

Hooray for Zofran! I wish you a peaceful night's sleep tonight. Goodness knows you need to save up.