Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Camden, Camden, Camden...

This kid keeps us busy and laughing. A couple of quotes:

Camden: "Mom, I'm really, really sorry for when I cut things that weren't paper."

Me: "Okay, just don't do it again."

Camden: "I will do it again, but I'll be really, really sorry about it."
(that's called premeditation sweetheart!)

About Reagan: "Mom, her mouth is getting covered up by the food in her cheeks!"

Also about "little" Reagan: "Mom, I think Reagan has a baby in her tummy too!" (I hope when you say "too" you mean that you still think you have a baby in your tummy and your not referring to me!)

"Mom, we can't flush my poop down the hole in the toilet because next time I'm going to poop that one's mom and I don't want them to be sad because they're not in there together."


Stephanie L. said...

That's awesome, Tiffany. Thanks for the laugh, Camden. Don't these moments just make your day. Amaya has claimed Camden as a surrogate little brother. She says he 'needs' her help in Tater-Tots, and made him a picture a couple of weeks age that sat on her nightstand until the Saturday nite party over here. His humor is already winning over the girls, I guess!

The Miller Family said...

I LOVE THAT KID - Go Captain Awesome!

Jenne said...

hilarious! I love that little guy!!

Greg and Andrea said...

Too funny! You'll be glad you wrote these things down.

tlc said...

That poop story is GREAT!! It's amazing how many conversations we can have about "inappropriate" topics. love, love, love that story!