Sunday, April 25, 2010

May the force be with you (because that's the only Star Wars phrase I know)

Hi my name is Tiffany and I don't like science fiction. In fact, I've never seen an entire Star Wars movie, which I believe is the gateway drug to science fiction, and all things nerdy. Consequently I have not been super excited about my kids liking Star Wars stuff.
However, their father has managed to sneak it past me and they have a full set of Star Wars garbage and we even own the movies. The conclusion I have come to in observing many different parents is that lots of people feel okay about letting their kids play with S.W. stuff because it doesn't feel like they are fighting with weapons, but these same parents won't let their kids have fake guns.
We have chosen to be okay with fake guns, because my boys can make a gun out of a peanut butter sandwich. I have to tell you, in the kids minds there is no difference between S.W. weapons and G.I. Joe weapons. And the thing is, if my boys were out there right now with fake guns, there wouldn't be nearly as many injuries as there are when the are swinging plastic sticks at each other. On another note, but stay with me-it is related, as I mentioned before I buy Valentine's after the 14th each year for the next year. Hudson is so excited because he got G.I. Joe valentine's, completely embracing the love theme of Valentine's Day don't you think?

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Jenne said...

Here's to numerous hand injuries when sabor meets sabor... where's that bazooka?