Sunday, September 30, 2007

Almost all home

We made it home, the flight and everything went great. The only thing missing is one of our bags. Most people would think that is bad. Turns out it is good news because I had re-sorted everything from a kid bag and a parent bag into a dirty clothes bag and a clean clothes/everything else bag. The bag we are missing is the dirty clothes bag. That means I don't have to do laundry tonight. Okay- good chance I wouldn't have done the laundry tonight anyway, but I would have FELT like I SHOULD be doing the laundry tonight. This way I can happily watch The Office season premier that we missed while we were gone without feeling guilty. Hopefully the bag shows up sometime soon, but not until after The Office is over.

Speaking of the Office, did you know God can protect children by messing with TV's? We have been waiting since last spring for The Office premier. It is seriously on our calender-a TV show. It is an exciting life we lead. Anyway- so we end up in Oklahoma on the night of the premier. We are dying about this and plan over and over how we can watch it. We have adjoining rooms with Katie so we plan to put the kids to bed and then watch it in her room. This is a little tricky because Oklahoma is in the central time zone so everything is an hour earlier there so it is now on at 8 their time, add to this that they are two hours ahead of us so it is like it is on at 6:00 for our bodies. But we have been up since 4:00 am so I don't think it is unreasonable for the kids to be tired enough to lay in bed and be quiet so we can watch the funniest TV show ever created. Evidently they thought it was unreasonable. God protected them from grumpy parents by messing up the TV's and making it so THEY DON'T GET NBC! What said it was NBC was showing the old movie Spies Like Us. What. The. Heck. We were so mad. Did I mention we have been waiting MONTHS to see this show? Oh well. Now we get to watch it tonight (thank goodness for DVR) and we didn't have to do something unthinkable to our children because they were jumping on the bed being little psychos during the time we would have been watching TV.

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redheadedmama said...

Tiffany, you are too funny! Who knew that God was a fan of the Office as well!! :-) We had our bible study group over to watch the premire and happy that it is now scheduled for 9 instead of 8:30 so we no longer have to worry that we will pray too long and then miss the first few minutes.
(I cringe as I write that and am glad God has a sense of humor) :-)hehehe

Anne Dunlop