Thursday, September 27, 2007

So this is Oklahoma

Ever since I joined the Pate family I have heard Oklahoma stories, so it is fun to finally be able to see it myself. For anyone who hasn't heard this story, both of Andrew's parents lived in this little town in Oklahoma when they were kids, then both moved away to different places, and eventually met again in Oregon and got married. Once his grandparents moved back here they would come and visit every summer. So although Great-Grandma Andrews has lived in Salem for the last 14 years her funeral is here, and so we are too. Here is what has happened today:

The airplane ride was great fun and the kids did great. The loved the smaller (50 person) jet that we took from Dallas TX to Ft. Smith AR because it was WAY more exciting than the big plane. Camden did great on his first airplane voyage.
So far I haven't witnessed any of the famous things that I have been promised like horrible snakes, weird bugs, very strange giant road kill. All I have seen is this:

Maybe our boys will come home with this cut as a souvenir from the South.

Our hotel has a pool, but they closed it last weekend. We had to settle for the hot tub. It was 89 degrees here today, but the hot tub was still fun at night. Ainsley said that a hot tub is a good end to a peaceful day. I think a good end to a peaceful day would be Hudson going to sleep. He is still up even after two walks. He is the only one who took a nap this afternoon in the car so the rest of us are done and ready for bed. Hopefully he will be out soon.
Our other exciting thing is that our rental car is... an IMPALA. When we were in college Andrew's car was from his Grandparents and was an old '65 Impala. So it seems appropriate that this is what we are driving here, even if it is not teal and only half the size of his old one.
I'm going to try and sleep even if Hudson isn't!

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