Friday, September 14, 2007

My favorite things this week

Friday- Hudson and Seth (neighbor across the street) trying to determine who would be able to bite harder, spiderman or a dragon. You look at the picture and decide.
Sunday- Walking with the Glover boys to the park, Davis(6) and Ainsley were behind Jackson(3), Hudson and I. When the park comes into view, Ainsley and Davis take off running, leaving the little boys behind. They try to run and catch up, but can't. Jackson stops running, turns around and looks at me and says, "We're still their follow the leader, they are just running too fast right now." Lest you think they were giving up their position as leader just because they were no longer actually the leaders.
Monday-bedtime had come and Hudson had not yet used up his energy (not that he ever really does, but it was especially bad this night.) So I packed up the kids and we went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was beginning to get dark and there was that fallish chill in the air. This led to Ainsley determining that it was in fact "ALMOST HALLOWEEN!" So I think my kids might have a career in retail ahead of them since their idea of when Halloween season begins lines up exactly with when they have rolled out the Halloween decor in the stores. Next week will probably be almost Christmas.
Tuesday- Hudson waving goodbye to Daddy as he is leaving for work yelling at him, "come back here again someday." Yeah- let's hope so because your mommy was SO not made to be a single parent!
Wednesday- I went into Camden's room to get him up from nap and found him SITTING UP IN HIS BED! Time to move the crib mattress down. He has changed so much just this week, he is so close to crawling, is pulling himself up, rolling across the floor. So basically I'm now hitting the stage where every morning I'm going to be asking the Lord for extra strength because chaos is coming once again (like it ever left our house...)

Wednesday (second favorite thing)- a good friend (who will remain nameless because I don't know the status of who she has told) called to say "we have had babies at the same time (we each have 3 kids that are all the same age) and so I'm calling with a warning for you!" So big congratulations for her- and very careful for me, I'm good with just three for now!
Thursday- along with the cape pictured in yesterday's post, Aunt Lois also sent some old pictures that were really fun. When I was showing the kids one of me when I was about 3 on a tricycle Hudson started flipping out that he needed that bike. I tried so hard to explain that the picture was at least 30 years old (the frightens me to write) and I didn't know where the bike was. Not good enough for him. We will probably be looking for that bike forever. Another really fun thing she sent was a copy of an old postcard that my dad sent home to them and it is postmarked September 15, 1959, the PS on the postcard says "buy me a new alarm clock." What I want to know is WHEN HAS MY DAD EVER NEEDED AN ALARM CLOCK?????"

Today- Ainsley getting up early so she could draw pictures to take to her friends at school.

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Jenne Glover said...

Tiffany, I will "out" myself. Yes, it is Officially public knowledge that we are expecting #4. Watch out, Pate family!!!
Jenne Glover