Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa Seaquist came this weekend. We had a great time at Ainsley's soccer game, going downtown, having dinner with Elizabeth, and going to church. It took all of 3 hours and 16 minutes after they had left for a child to be reduced to wailing tears desperately needing them. Hudson was playing outside and came in crying for Grandma and Grandpa because "my tummy got hurt by running into the wheel on the van" (how the heck does that happen?") Whenever Ainsley is so tired that she is reduced to an emotional breakdown over something that she cannot even articulate she cries for Grandpa. Evidently Hudson has learned this important skill as well. Speaking of Hudson, we were driving by Powell Valley and he said, "That's my Church" (as he does every time we drive by PV), he then went on to say, "they have treats there." I agreed, he then said, "Yep, that is why they call it CHURCH!" Before you question the theology we teach at our house, remember Acts 2:46 talks about the early church and how they all broke bread together going house to house. (okay, but full disclosure, we haven't ever talked about that with Hudson, it is all about the food with him.)

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MarySue said...

Love that precious Grandma Seaquist.