Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Camden!

To Camden on your first birthday~

I can't believe that it has been a whole year since your daddy and I were hanging out in the hospital waiting to meet you. We spent the day debating what we would name the baby if it was a boy. We went back and forth between Anderson and Camden. By about noon we had settled on Camden, but a middle name was harder for us. One of us wanted Jonathan and the other wanted Paul. As you now know, you are going to spend the rest of your life trying to fit two middle names on every form you ever fill out because of our fine compromise.

It has been so fun getting to know you this year. You have delighted us by being such a great, happy, easy going baby. You are adored by your brother and sister who fight for your attention. We have learned that you are not much of a morning person. I have to drag you out of your crib at 8:00 to take Ainsley to school, and your preference would be to just be nursed back to sleep and sleep for another 3 hours or so before greeting the day. The flip side of that is you are a little night owl. Your siblings go to bed at 7 and that is when you turn on. You are silly and love to spend from 7 to 10 just playing around all on your own. Not really the ideal schedule for a 1 year old, but for now it works. This morning we woke you up to have a cinnamon rolls together as a family for your birthday. Ainsley and Hudson were bouncing off the walls and you looked at us like we were crazy. If you had the words you would have been singing, "Happy birthday to you, I live in a zoo."

It is like you knew you were coming upon this 1 year milestone and prepared for it by learning to walk. In the past three days you have figured out how to walk all the way across the room. What is so cute is how pleased you are with your new skill. Your favorite part of the day is taking a shower. For some reason you absolutely love showers. If you are anywhere upstairs and you hear the shower being turned on you go nuts squeeling and "run-crawling" as fast as you can to get to the shower. If the person in the shower won't let you in you bang on the shower door like a maniac. It doesn't matter if you just got out of the shower, if it is on, you want back in. When you are finally let in you happily sit there letting the water go all over you playing with a couple little bowls. You would stay in all day, even as the water turns freezing cold.

You are the most verbal of any of our kids have been. We are anxious to see if you talk early. I'm happy because after Ainsley's first word being "dog" and Hudson's being "ball" I finally got you to say "mamma" as your first word. You elevated yourself to first place in the will! (all 6 dollars of it.)

We love you so much Big C. Thanks for making the last year so special. Thanks for joining the family!


Heather said...

I just realized that I can post a comment even thougth I'm not an official "blogger." So, just wanted to tell you that this post brought tears to my eyes, and, well..... it has been a week, so where is the next post?!?! :-) Love, love, love reading your blog!

Ally said...

Our Eli's birthday is Dec 6th, just a day away from Camden's. (Though a year earlier).

I love the image of Camden banging on the door to get back into the shower.