Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hudson at FOUR

Minutes after being born, 12-16-03

Blowing out FOUR candles!

Dear Hudson~

Wow. I just peeked in on you sleeping on this, the night of your fourth birthday. It hardly seems possible that that tiny little baby that we had just met at the hospital 4 years ago tonight has transformed into such a big kid in 4 very short years. The years with you have been filled with so much fun and laughter, I can't imagine life without you. It is really hard for anyone to be around you for more than a few minutes and not be smiling or laughing at something.

I don't think there is ever a year children change as much as they do their first year of life. Your year from 3 to 4 though has been a pretty amazing transformation though. This last year you changed from a big toddler to a full blown kid. The most fun part this year has been watching you develop your relationship with Ainsley. This year the two of you have become real friends. As soon as you were born we started telling Ainsley that God had really blessed her because He had given her a best friend in her own family. This year that changed from just a phrase we said to the truth. The two of you play and play and play. You love her so much that it is just torture for you that she has to go to school all day long. When Ainsley had a friend call and ask her to come over and she turned them down because she wanted to stay home and play with you it was one of my best parenting moments so far.

This is the year that you have also turned into a big brother. Right after Camden was born you asked frequently when he would be big enough to play. Now that he can crawl and walk you would prefer that he stayed away from your play stuff, but you are delighted when he is happy playing with a toy that you don't care about. You are very sweet and protective of him, my favorite example of your protective nature is how you alert the whole neighborhood when Camden has anything smaller than, say, a toaster by yelling, "Camden has a choking hazard!"

Hudson, you seem to be tapped into an endless supply of energy. You certainly keep us moving and never lacking for opportunities to work on obedience and self-control. The flip side is I don't know if there is a sweeter child with a more loving heart. You probably tell me at least three or four times a day out of the blue, "Mom, I really love you." You look at the world with a sense of wonder and awe that is so fun. The first night we went for a walk when people had Christmas lights up you would exclaim at EVERY house, "Oh my gosh, that is just gorgeous! We need to get that!" You have brought that joyful wonder and excitement and just love of everything and everyone around you to our lives.

We are so excited for this next year of your life. To watch you understand more and more about God. To watch you continue to enjoy Ainsley. To watch you and Camden begin to be friends. To watch you enjoy life. Thanks for being so fun for us to watch Hudson. We love you. Happy Birthday.

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Ally said...

Oh, Tiffany, this is beautiful. Hudson sounds like such a treasure. And I love what you told him, that he was lucky because God blessed him with a best friend in his family. I'm definitely going to steal that line. :)