Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our life in Ornaments

Andrew's parents have a really neat tradition of getting an ornament each year that reflects something big from that year. Arlene then started that out for us when we got engaged. Here are our ornaments so far: The first one is the trolley Arlene got for us because we got engaged that year in San Franscisco ('95). The next ornament is a little "just married" car with little cans trailing behind us that we actually even found on our honeymoon('96). The little dog when we got Cammie('97). There is a wreath with a little house and a sign that says "home is where the heart is" which is for when we bought this house('98). Next is the Micky that we got when we went to Disneyland with Heather and Brent('99). We bought the nativity one in The Czech Republic for our 2000 ornament when we were there on a mission trip (it is made out of something native to Czech, I don't remember what it is though)

In 2001 Ainsley joined our family so that is the little baby bear with stars. The big bell with a moose on it is from Minnesota, we bought it there the first time we went there to visit Tennille and Nathan ('02). The next baby one is when we had Hudson in 2003. The little white church one is for the year we started going to Cornerstone (a little ironic considering Cornerstone meets in an elementary school!). In 2005 I started my little business "Bright Stars Tutoring" so I have a silver star for that year. And last year's is Camden joining our family.

Someone in this household (not me) finds it very funny to have a stuffed squirrel on our Christmas tree. He finds the movie Christmas Vacation very funny and likes to relive the scene where a live squirrel is accidentally brought home in the family Christmas tree and it wreaks havoc in the house. Not much of an ornament-but part of our tree none the less.

What will this years ornament be? It is a surprise because it has to do with what we are getting our kids for Christmas. A very good hint is that it will be very similar to another one that we have. (And NO- not a baby one!)

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Ally said...

The squirrel had me laughing out loud! You KNOW I'm not going to show this post to Tobin, for fear it will give him IDEAS!