Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not one of the choices

The day before leaving for Milton-Freewater, in preperation for Christmas, I sent Ainsley and Hudson with a paper bag each and told them they needed to find 15 things to give away. Ainsley happily ran upstairs saying, "great, I've been needing to re-arrange stuff and clean up in my room." (I so "get" this child- as a kid one of my favorite things about Christmas was re-arranging my room.) Hudson came down about 3 minutes later saying, "I can't do it, I w(l)ove everything, I can't take anything out." I told him he had too. He looked around and then said, "okay, I'll get rid of these." Want to know what he was pointing to? our kitchen chairs.


Heather said...

Very nice. At least he didn't point to Camden and Ainsley! :-) Enjoy your time in Milton-Freewater.

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Jenne said...

So apparently Hudson has a little bit of Davis in him. Well, take comfort. This year, as age 6, Davis was finally ready to part with toys that were not broken or for babies, and without tears or a fight. (Yes, this is the first time he willingly relinquished a toy...usually they just "disappear" via the team work of Mom, an opaque sack, and Salvation Army.) So in 3 years time you might see a little movement in Hudson. You will likely have to bribe him like I did to Davis, "Sorry, honey, but we can't bring any new toys into the house until some old ones leave. We are all full."

I am afraid there were no lovely moments of thinking of other kids, and how joyful they will be when they get to make use of these toys. Oh no. It was all full of boy-i-hope-i-get-something-cooler-than-this-old-stuff. *sigh* But the task was accomplished all the same and now, the day after Christmas, we are all full again.

Ally said...

Kitchen chairs? Who needs em?

Sorry we missed you when you were in MF. To think we were just around the corner from you most of the time!