Monday, August 25, 2008

"The Audacity" is what comes to mind.

My day was spent picking Ainsley up from a sleepover, taking her to a dentist appointment, making a quick dinner so we could get her to soccer on time, taking her to soccer practice, and then sitting through soccer practice which started out with a short, but very wet, rain shower that left me cold and wet for the next 55 minutes.

It wasn't a bad day, everything had gone fine and everyone was in a good mood (even if I was wet) so I was surprised as we were in the car she pipes up with, "When I'm a grown-up I'm going to treat me kids way better than you do."

EXCUUUUUSSSSSEEEEE MEEEEE?????? I know that it is developmentally appropriate for children to be self-centered, but PLEEEAAAASE!

I was able to just stay quiet and not react with a less than kind comment for a few seconds. But it did envoke some anger on my part. As I was processing what my response would be she continued, "I'm totally going to let my kids go out on dates with my husband and I and whenever I go to get a pedicure I'm taking them with me."

Uhhh huuuh. My response was, "Whatever you think will work for your family honey. But I think you need to do some thinking about being grateful for what mommy and daddy do for you." That won't be the end of our conversations about gratefulness- evidently we need to do a little group thinking about that.

She then said, "Maybe I just won't take them if it is our anniversary or something."

I'm writing about this on my blog so someday when Ainsley is dropping off her children for me to babysit why she goes out with her husband I can tell her this story. Sometimes it is just the knowledge that someday they will look back and know that I was right that gets me through.

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Ally said...

Oh Tiffany this was hysterical. And your response was much more calm and kind than mine would have been.